Aries Stellium: Taking Action for Change

New Moon Chart for Apr 3, 2011 (house position varies by location)

A Stellium is a Focal Point of Energy

A stellium is when 3,4 or more planets are found in 1 sign.  Today’s New Moon highlights a whopping 6 planets in Aries, including the Sun and the Moon.

In a natal chart, a stellium in a sign represents a tremendous focus of energy placed on the needs and values of that sign.

Interpreting the New Moon Chart
For a New Moon chart like the one above, which represents the quality of the new monthly cycle about to begin, we can appreciate the emphasis on Aries as indicative of taking an action or a stand, in order to begin in a new direction.

In this horoscope, 8 of the 10 main astrological bodies are found in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), representing a new beginning.

The New Moon conjunction itself is opposed exactly by Saturn in Libra, illuminating the importance of concrete, committed action (Saturn) with awareness of others (Libra), with full awareness of the consequence.  Taking together with the Aries stellium, this pattern could suggest bold, assertive (if not aggressive) action or stand taken against others in order to protect one’s individual integrity.

What This New Moon Could Suggest For You
From personal to national level, this horoscope could suggest aggressive actions taken to gain new status, or making a tremendous effort to begin anew and establish a new identity.  The high energy for change found in this New Moon chart can mean that you can use this month to ask yourself – “Who am I ready to become?  What do I want to change in myself?  What actions can I take right now to ensure that this change happens?” (Note that Mercury is retrograde, suggesting a period of reflection needed prior to initiating change.)

Do you feel an urge to make a new beginning?  What sort of change is in the air?  Where do you feel the need to take a stand, to draw a line in the sand?  Please feel free to share through emails or comments.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank You Hiroki,

    (I'm the November 15th person :-))

    You helped me take a mental step back and see what you're talking about with this stellium. I'm in the process of working this out right now.:-)

    Anyway, thank you for your advice.
    I hope you're having a great week!

  2. Hiroki Niizato says

    That's a good Capricorn stellium….Now, where does lottery come in? :) Seriously, you could be working hard and getting a lot accomplished this month — but alas, planets can't do it for you….

  3. Stellium says


    I have a good one for you. I am born Jan 1st, 1962. I have a stellium consisting of the following Venus 4 Cap, Mars 6 Cap, Sun 10 Cap, Mercury 20 Cap, Saturn 29 Cap, Jupiter 10 Aq. The recent Aries line up should be doing a tremendous amount of action to my stellium in my second house. I haven't won the lottery o9r anything, was wondering if you'd share a thought or two…


  4. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    I think this part of what you say is a very apt expression of the New Moon chart: "I just want to give everything up and do whatever I feel like doing (Aries) because it feel like no matter what I do I'm going to get the short end of the stick anyway. (Saturn)"

    In this case, the hopelessness regarding your vocation (the lower expression of Saturn) needs to be addressed (and, hopefully, transformed into meaningful goals and ambition) before changes can be made.

  5. Anonymous says

    The new moon in Aries seems to have landed in my 10th house.
    It's sesquisquare my N. Sun, quincunx my N. Moon, trine N. Mercury, square N Venus, trine N. Mars, quincunx N. Uranus, trine N. Neptune, opposite N. Pluto, square N. Ascendant.

    Even though I've been feeling more creative lately.
    I haven't been feeling like I need to change my direction, I just feel hopeless in the vocation that I've chosen to go to college for. Though I love doing it. I just want to give everything up and do whatever I feel like doing because it feel like no matter what I do I'm going to get the short end of the stick anyway.

    I'm assuming a person finds the new moon placement through transits so I hope I have it's placement in my chart correct.

    My birthdate is 11/15/1976 time is 7pm and place is La Mesa California if you think I got it wrong. I use Koch.

    Anyway, I find it interesting that I seem to be doing the exact opposite of what this transit implies.

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