Aries Point in Astrology: Potential for Public Recognition

aries point astrology

The Meaning of Aries Point in Your Natal Chart

Aries Point in your natal chart reveals the potential for how you might become recognized in the world.  While this does not necessarily mean you become a celebrity, expressing your strengths and talents through the Aries Point can lead to a solid reputation in your career field among your peers, clients and fans.


What is an Aries Point?

aries point definition

Aries Point is 0 degree of Cardinal signs

Aries Point refers to the 0 degree of Cardinal Signs: 0 Aries, 0 Cancer, 0 Libra, and 0 Capricorn. Using a 2 degree orb, we can include 28-29 degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) as well as up to 2 degrees of Cardinal signs.

The Sun is at an Aries Point at the beginning of each new season (i.e. Spring equinox, Summer solstice, Autumnal equinox, Winter solstice.) True to this symbolism of ushering in of the new season, Aries Point is associated with creating visible changes in the outer world.  Thus your Aries Point measurements suggest how you can impact (or become known in) the larger world using the quality of the planet or midpoint placed there.


You’ll be Known By the Qualities of Your Natal Aries Point

Natal planets and midpoints on your Aries Point can become your “signature” quality.   The public or the people around you may come to know you by the quality of your natal Aries Point planets.


Examples of Natal Planet or Midpoint on Aries Point

Here are a few examples of Aries Point (AP) placements from well known people:

Oprah Winfrey’s Sagittarius Ascendant is on the AP: She is loved by the public for her authentic persona (Asc), and her opinions and endorsements (Sagittarius trademark) influence the thoughts of millions of people.

In addition, Oprah has her Saturn/Pluto midpoint on the AP: This placement was called “having a skeleton in the family closet” by Noel Tyl, suggesting likely difficulty within the early home.  This description certainly applies to Oprah, who is known for her history as a sexual abuse victim.  On the other hand, Saturn/Pluto midpoint also suggests power and influence.


  • Film Creator/Director Steven Spielberg has his Mars, as well as Jupiter/Pluto and Neptune/MC midpoints on AP.  We can say that his actions & efforts (Mars) were in alignment with his magnified success potential (Jupiter/Pluto) as a creative professional (Neptune/MC), which led to massive public recognition (AP).
  • Doctor turned new age guru Deepak Chopra has his health conscious, insightful Virgo Moon on the Aries Point along with Mercury/Saturn and Mercury/Pluto midpoints, suggesting deep study (Mercury/Saturn) and depth of perspective (Mercury/Pluto.)
  • Singer, actress and fashion designer Mandy Moore’s Neptune is on the Aries Point: Neptune has to do with aesthetic, films and entertainment.


What If I Don’t Have any Planet on the Aries Point?

Although Aries Point does provide useful information about public recognition, having no planets or points located on the Aries Point does not mean that you’ll never be recognized.  If you have access to an astrology software, you can see which midpoints are located on the Aries Point in your natal chart, and this may help you to gain valuable insights.

To give a few examples, Sun/Moon midpoint located on the AP suggests a potential for deep creative fulfillment through public expression – thus it’s often found on the horoscope of people that speak in front of people.  Mercury/Jupiter midpoint on the AP may suggest rewarding communication on a public scale, suggesting a possible career as a writer or otherwise successful communicator in the chosen field.


Summary: Aries Point in Astrology

Even though Aries Point planets or midpoints do not guarantee an outsized success by themselves, it may be helpful to see them as your potential to impact, and be recognized by, the larger world through your gift.

What planets or midpoints do you have on the Aries Point?  Does it reflect how the world (i.e. other people) recognizes you?  Can you project the quality more consciously?


Horoscope Link and Birth Data (Rodden Rating A or Above)
Steven Spielberg: 18 December 1946 at 18:16 Cincinnati OH
Oprah Winfrey: 29 January 1954 at 04:30 Kosciusko MS
Deepak Chopra: 22 October 1946 at New Delhi, India
Barack Obama: 4 August 1961 at 19:24 Honolulu HI
Mandy Moore: 10 April 1984 at 08:21 Nashua NH

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: or schedule a consultation.


  1. This scares me about Saturn pluto midpoint on AP as my daughter has it. Also Saturn moon and pluto asc midpoint all on AP. Natal sun is 0 capricorn. She will be 20 this December, so far no hardship or loss, I am really worried now.

  2. Interesting information, thank you. My partner was a full moon baby with his Sun at 0 degrees Cancer and Moon at 0 degrees Aries. He also has Venus at 15 degrees Leo, so lots of energized degrees in his chart.

  3. Hi, thanks for the insightful article!

    I hope you can help, I think my chart may be very complicated, as even though I’ve read many books, I still do not fully understand the meaning of these combinations!

    I have my sun at 27 degrees Pisces in the 10th, conjunct Jupiter at 0 degrees Aries. My MC is at 16 degrees Pisces. With Mercury at 3 degrees Pisces.

    I also have Moon in 12th Gemini at 5 degrees conjunct Ascendent at 14 degrees Gemini.
    I have a Grand Air Trine forming a kite, with Mars in Aquarius in 8th, Moon in 12th Gemini (conjunct Ascendent), and Pluto in Libra in 4th. They form sextiles with Neptune in Sagittarius in 6th.

    And a Yod featuring Mars at 11 degrees Aquarius in 8th, Neptune at 11 degrees Sagittarius in 6th, and culminating at Saturn 11 degrees in Cancer 1st house.

    I also have Venus at 28 degrees Aries, conjunct Chiron.

    None of these have made my life easy, but I’m trying really hard to understand them so that I can move forward. Do you have any advice insight you can share?!
    I’m 46 and female. Thank you!!

    • Hi Isabel, from what you wrote, your Jupiter is on the Aries Point (Sun is a bit too far). In this case Jupiter’s quality of faith and optimism would be an important quality to cultivate and express to others. This resonates with the Pisces Sun and Midheaven.

      For a full analysis of your chart, please consider scheduling a private consultation.

  4. Hello Hiroki,
    Wonderful article as usual. I only have 3 AP midpoints in my chart, which are Moon/MC in 7th house Libra 0,51, Neptune/MC Capricorn in 10th house 0,10 and Uranus/MC Sagittarius in 10th house 28,07. They caught my attention as they are all MC related and in angular houses. What would you make of these three? Thanks a lot!

  5. Hi, Thank you for this information! I have my angles a degree away from Aries points- my ascendant is at 29 virgo and midheaven is 28’54 gemini. I don’t have planets on AP points- so how significant would you say it is to have angles conjunct Aries points?

    I saw some of your other comments, but just wondering if you can offer more insight on what this represents, especially in terms of career. Since my midheaven is near the Cancer point, should I look into that sign when interpreting, or is it still focused on gemini themes? No planets in cancer- I have a Mercury energy pretty strong in my chart, being ruled by Mercury, and with Mercury in gemini and my moon in my third house.

    One more question! When doing predictions, would you look for planets (progressed, solar arc, and transits) triggering my natal angles/MC with a particular potential for recognition when dealing with AP?

    • Hi Alina, having your Angles (ASC, MC) on the Aries Point is quite significant. It suggests a potential for public expression of your career and personality. If a planet activates your Angles in transits etc, you might become “visible” in some way.

  6. Abigail Masek says

    I don’t expect a chart reading but, I have Saturn/MC, Neptune/Chiron, Venus/Uranus, Mercury/Uranus (Libra), Uranus/Neptune( Capricorn), Venus/Chiron ( Cancer) all at 0 Degrees. I don’t have any planets or angles at an Aries point though. Is there still a possibility for public recognition, without a planet being involved? I do have Sun in the 10th, and my Part of Fortune and Part of Spirit, place of Exaltation, North Node and Jupiter together in Aries – angular as well ( the 7th House).

    • Hi Abigail, a lack of a planet on the Aries Point does not mean a lack of public recognition. There might be other indicators in your horoscope that suggests public expression.

  7. Very interesting how this can play out, thank you. Wondering about the significance of a North Node at 0 Aries in the 8th house, (with Chiron tightly conjunct…)

  8. Hi and thank you for your dedicated work. What would you say about a composite NN 0 degrees Aries (third house)?

  9. Hello Hiroki! Thanks for letting us all know how important and powerful AP is. I always knew it was something significant considering my Asc 00 Aries and Ic, Dc and Mc on 00 …but I also know how important for one is to be sure about exact time of birth! It makes me very confused since I have to rely on myself and my self recognition of me..I think it is so, or I am Pisces 29.. which is not I am showing to the World. I made a good choice, I teach in a highschool..I am showing there a lot of my leonian gift as a speaker and several kids told me I should be a😁 stand-up comedian! But, I am unpredictable teacher as well, with a lot of bottled energy..and my subjects are tough! From a shy person who was introverted my job made me enthusiastic and eccentric person, in spite my own wishes. So, my 1. House is all in the Aries and a 15 degrees of Taurus..It has Chiron on 02:00 Aries, retrograde. It is my significant planet,layin on my Asc! I am frustrated all my life somehow, something missing or appearance is Aries..I have green big eyes , strong face bones and athletic statura..I have very short blue hair..I walk as a man, but I have graciously shaped body. I show tipicle mess those important facts about my and self appearance as it remarcked by my Chiron. I will tell you something even more confusing, it’s about my Mars! It is on 16 degree Leo! In 5th. House..but! it has no aspects at all!!!!? please, make it a little bit clearer to is so strange, and I feel my Mars is even stronger because no other planet or energy controls it! I am very passionate person, but single! Clever but not productive.. Beautiful woman, but it something that has to do with the position I described to you.. Sorry if I took some of your time..I live in Balcany, Tamara..please, comment if you find it interesting for all community. P.S. I teach Latin:-)

    • Hi Teodora, thanks for sharing your experience with your Aries Point Angles. Teaching makes sense, as that is a very public position befitting ASC and MC being on the Aries Point. The unaspected Mars is a very powerful signature, and explains your athleticism and passion. There is an article in the archive about unaspected planets you can read to find out more about this.

  10. Maria Vernasca Monguillot says

    I thought Aries point have no orb… so, let me ask you this: if i have my moon at 28 degree gemini and my north node al 1 degree aries, it means they are in aries point?
    Besides, i read something about the 20th degree of cardinal signs, do you know how is it called? Is it a sabian symbol?
    Thanks and sorry for my English. Kind regards from Buenos Aires.

    • Hi Maria, Aries Point has a very small orb – from 28 degree mutable to about 1 degree cardinal. So yes, both your Moon and the Nodal axis are in Aries Point!

      Not sure what you’re referring to regarding 20th degree of Cardinal signs – they don’t have much to do with the Aries Point.

  11. Thanks for your article.
    I have my MC/IC on the Aries point at 29 55 Virgo (MC)/Pisces (IC). I had at look at midpoints today – which I’ve never looked at before and my Moon/mars midpoint is at 29 45 Pisces as well. I find this interesting given my Aries 4th House is intercepted, as well at being the house of my North Node. So it’s that moon/mars signature repeated (my cancer sun opposes my mars conjunct ascendant so it’s repeated of sorts again). Would the NN perhaps somehow be more accessible through my IC in Pisces because of this? You mentioned that AP is about making public recognition – does this mean it may refer to making my inner world/family healing stuff public – to help others with using my Virgo MC (and 6thH sun (Cancer) and moon (Gemini), perhaps say through writing? With Pisces third house and Jupiter conjunct the IC, as well as Chiron conjunct my moon, would that further emphasise the healing aspect of it for myself and for others? I’d be happy for any thoughts you have on this.
    Thanks for your time and for reading.

    • Hi Carly, these are all good thoughts about the MC axis on the Aries Point. In terms of public expression, I would focus on the Midheaven (naturally), which is a public statement you make through your work in the world. But your point about sharing your inner world (IC) is certainly valid. Maybe there is a way to combine the two, like you mention.

  12. Kristy jOhnson says

    Hello Hiroki, great article. Thankyou!
    It is quite difficult to find information on the Aries Point.
    Could you give me any insight on having my north node on the Aries Point (6th House), my sun is at 3 degrees Aries (6th House).
    Thankyou, all the best

    • Hi Kristy, Nodal axis on the Aries Point suggests connection with the public. This is because Nodal axis represents meetings and groups. The Sun nearby adds to the brilliance of this expression. There are other dimensions to this placement, but that would be the dominant theme as you grow in your profession.

  13. The recently deceased Hugh Hefner had Eris at 0 Aries, 7th house, squaring Vesta at 0 Cancer, 10th house. That’s pretty interesting, considering who Hugh Hefner was and what he put out to the world.

  14. Thanks for such a great article. I did some digging and found I have ASC|MC midpoint at 29 degrees Gemini. I’m hoping this bodes well for my career then since in some ways its felt like an uphill battle. It’s also funny you mention Oprah b/c she is someone I used to always say I’d meet one day even when I was a little girl.

  15. I have 0degrees aries moon
    Moon trine mars
    Moon trine pluto
    Moon opp jupiter
    Moon trine merc
    Whats this mean?

    • Hi Rey, the main thing is to appreciate the Aries Moon’s need to be important, to be regarded as number one. Having a well connected Moon should mean you have the resources to fulfill such needs in your life.

  16. Hello hiroki,
    Thats a quite informative article on such a “forgotten subject”. I personally have mars in cancer at 0 degrees ( 5th house ) squaring moon in aries (1st house). My question would be is it poosible for this energy to become very subconscious one because of moon nature?

  17. Hi Hiroki,

    Thanks for this post. I’ve always had a fascination for the AP but never really delved into it. I was wondering if you might be able to shed some insight into AP=Vulcanus=Jup/Kronos= Sun/Plu?

    Curious to hear what you make of this? What kind of person would this be? Does the AP only point to how a person is perceived or does it also include what they end up achieving in the world?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi there, I’m not an expert on asteroids, so cannot comment. Sun Pluto midpoint suggests a potential for prominence, but there are multiple implications with this particular midpoint, so hard to tell just from this one measurement. Your last question is a good one, and the answer is yes, you become known and perceived for what you succeed to achieve.

  18. Hello Hiroki,
    I have Saturn smack bang on my AP. Saturn is trine Neptune in Scorpio, trine Jupiter in Cancer. Moon is square Saturn in Sagittarius. Do you have any idea what this means to me?
    Thank you, TJH

    • Hi TJH, At best, Saturn on Aries Point suggests “being known/regarded for” positive Saturnian qualities such as authority, integrity, organization, ambition or wisdom. The key is in understanding and learning from the Saturnian lessons in your life, so that these positive qualities will manifest more and more in your personality.

  19. Thank You very much!

  20. I forgot to add my venus/MC Midpoint on AP conjunct my natal Jupiter!
    I hope you can give some advise?

    • Hi Olga,

      I think you’re probably using a too wide an orb to have listed that many. Stick to about 1.5 degree orb (28-30 mutable, or 00-01 cardinal) for Aries Point measurements.

      On an Aries Point, each planet or midpoint suggests different quality that could “come forward” and be obviously visible (you might want to go over to the midpoint article first to get a feel for it.) Please schedule a consultation if you want me to take a look at your horoscope in more detail.

  21. Sorry, I was wrong.
    My Midpoints on AP are:
    sun/mercury Libra
    sun/venus Libra
    sun/true node Capricorn
    mercury/uranus Cancer
    mercury/MC Cancer
    Thanks for advise!

  22. Dear Sir!
    Could You help me?
    I have a sun/true node ,mercury/mars,mercury/uranus,
    mercury/MC,venus/mars,uranus/pluto,sun/venus, sun/mercury,mars/node conjunct saturn, jupiter/chiron,venus/MC conjunct Jupiter -Midpoints on Aries Point!
    What could this mean?

  23. I never thought points were such a big deal. Cant say that i see their influence but maybe someday.. I ve got AC&DC at 0 degrees (libra/aries), and IC&MC at 1 degree (capricorn/cancer)

  24. Dear Hiroki,
    many thanks for your insights and this article.
    I am very curious to read also your other writings.
    Kind regards

  25. Dear Hiroki
    my IC is on the Aries Point and Chiron 1 deg. Aries (houses 3+4)
    MC 29 deg. Virgo with Uranus conjunction (houses 9+10)
    is this related with work?
    thanks ch.

    • Hello Charles,

      Thanks for commenting. Your Chiron opposes Midheaven, and can possibly suggest a healing profession. You have Aries Point=MC(IC)=Uranus=Chiron, which brings together symbolisms of work(MC), independence/humanitarianism (Uranus) and healing (Chiron) and brings it out into public view, which could very well suggest someone working for himself and helping/healing others.

  26. john bocchetti says

    I was born in San Francisco, at 6:11 pm on Sunday March 20, 1949. My chart indicates Zero Degree(s) Aries.

  27. (Placidus system)
    I have two Aries points,
    Chiron 1 degree Aries, 11th house
    Uranus 29 degrees Virgo, 5th house.
    What could this be interpreted as?

    • Hello Anne,

      Chiron tends to emphasize matters of healing, whereas Uranus that of humanitarianism and innovation. Uranus-Chiron opposition on the Aries Point may emphasize the dimension of wanting to help others in unique ways.

  28. And in “Midpoints in Astrology” :

    “Mercury/Jupiter midpoint – Rewarding and Expansive Communication:
    Jupiter (being the slower planet) influences Mercury: So this midpoint represents the experience of being rewarded (Jupiter) for one’s communication. Any planet in hard aspect to this midpoint will carry this sense of expansive communication. This is why MC (midheaven) = Mercury/Jupiter often denotes a professional writer.”

    Again, any differences between “being known for” MC and AP midpoint pictures ?

  29. Ps this quote from your article may be able to get my point further across :

    “Mercury/Jupiter midpoint on the AP may suggest rewarding communication on a public scale, suggesting a possible career as a writer or otherwise successful communicator in the chosen field.”

  30. Hi Hiroki – great article, as always, with a comment section that’s also just as illuminating. So far though I haven’t been able to find an answer to this question :
    what do you think is the difference between MC and AP midpoints’ manifestations in terms of “being known for _” ?
    For example, the differences between manifestations of AP=Mercury/Jupiter and of MC=Mercury/Jupiter ?
    Mercury/Jupiter is rewarding/communication but how would it manifest if it was on the AP versus on the MC ? Being “known for” but how ? Is there a difference or am I missing the point ?

    Any light shed on this during your busy schedule would be appreciated.


    • Hi Tam,

      MC midpoints tend to suggest something about your work, while AP midpoints could suggest your strong personal trait that people notice, which may not necessarily have anything to do with your work.

      Sometimes the difference is not so apparent, since we tend to be known (AP) for our work and position within society (MC). Both midpoints you mention could suggest a writer, due to Mercury/Jupiter midpoint strongly being activated.


  31. For the examples it would be good to actually have the Chart shown so your audience can see where your subject matter relates on a Astrological Chart.

  32. Hello!I am new to astrology and I was searching for midpoints (and aries point) when I stumbled on your wonderful blog. Your posts inspired me to learn more about these matters, but there aren’t many resources available on the net and I think I’m stuck.
    I realized I have my MC on Aries point, while my Jupiter/Mercury midpoint (6H) squares MC and opposes Part of Fortune.
    What does it mean to have MC on Aries Point?
    Also I have Moon conj Sun/Neptune (6H), Sun(7H) square Jupiter/Saturn(4H), AC oppose Jupiter/MC and Sun conj Uranus/MC.
    I am experiencing a crisis regarding career matters and help from you or anybody else will more than appreciated!
    Thank you!

  33. Oh This is exciting…
    What if someone’s chart ruler is on the Aries point??
    My chart has Moon in 29 deg Sagittarius?

    Will energy of Saggi go public-as in teaching?
    Or the energy of the Moon- as in public feeding ?

    Hmm…I always wanted to do something about food crisises and child abuse. Talk about Moon in 6th!
    Thanks for the article!

  34. Hello Hiroki,

    Mercury transit just crossed over to Cancer this week activating the AP and will be hovering in this point in it’s reto station for an unusually long duration of 19 days from tomorrow. This happens on my North Node at Cancer 1+ degrees on 10th. My MC is at 4+ Cancer and ASC, IC, and DC are all close to AP at Cardinal Cross position at 4+ degrees respectively. Was wondering of you could give me your interpretation of the North Node placement on AP as well as other degrees as you see. Thank you so much for the article here!

    In appreciation, Leanne

    • Hi Leanne,

      4+ Cardinal is a bit too far from the AP to consider here – I wouldn’t go farther out than 2’00” degrees max. Nodal axis at the AP suggests some kind of work in a group setting. “Communicating to/with a group of people” in this case since Mercury is involved.

  35. Evening,

    I enjoyed reading this take on the AP! Thank you!

    May I ask your thoughts on an AP conjunction in my chart? It’s really a confusing thing for me and part of the reason I’ve found your article.

    I have Neptune conjunct Mercury (Nep .30 Cap, Mercury .48 Cap so a pretty tight conjunction). One of the tightest aspects in the chart, BUT at the open of my 12th house!!!

    If it matters, my 12th cusp is at 27.27 Sag so that’s what I mean by “close to the open.”

    Cap and Asc planet’s ruler, Saturn, is in my Tenth though too so I’m all kinds of befuddled.

    Do anyone else think this is a hard thing to read? What do you make of the Aries Point(Public recog, prominence) in the 12th?

    Side note: I looked to see aspects that might pull these Nep-Merc energies out or help them.

    Ah, well, both form nice Trines to an Aries Moon, BUT the moon is at 29.47 degrees Aries! I do not know if you believe in the significance of VOC natal moons, but I would sure love to learn your thoughts.

    Extremely appreciative!

    • Hi Allie,

      In terms of vocational astrology, 12th house represents a “once removed” position from which you can act. There has been a known emphasis of 12th house placement in the horoscope of a radio personality, for instance (once removed, but his voice is reaching the public.) So your work rather than yourself might have the potential to attract public recognition.

      Void of Course Moon is a horary concept – you won’t be able to make the interpretation work in a natal astrology without significant adjustment, just like you can’t import ancient interpretation for Saturn work in a modern life with any sense of practicality.


      • First, Sir,

        I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your thoughts. I know you’re prob. very busy, and I do appreciate the consideration very much.

        The Aries Point conjunction is still important–even in the 12th?
        Doesn’t seem like a “potential, but the placement of this means it will never be realized?”

        This is my concern. To be honest, I’m at a bit of a vocational+life crossroads. (and maybe a Hellish Saturn return? Maybe.) And so I’m staring down that 12th house stellium wondering if the writing will ever survive outside the house.

        Btw, Jupiter is in that 12th at 15 degrees Cap forming a wide conjuct to Asc.

        But Chiron in Gem 5th opposes my 11th house Sun tightly conj Uranus.

        I do not know. I have tried to actively learn abt this. Purchased books on rulerships and placements and still, things are a little tough.

        Again, I am extremely grateful for the thoughts you have sent.

  36. Thanks so much for this article! There isn’t a lot of info out there about the Aries Point (I didn’t even know that’s what it was called :p), so your article really helped.

    Are you interested in draconic charts? I just recently got into them and in looking at my draconic chart, I saw that my Ascendant is literally at 0° 0′ 0″ in Aries in the first house. Do you have any thoughts on what this means? In putting together things from the sparse information out there, most things that I’ve read seem to suggest that it has something to do with finding an identity and defining my sense of Self… and since it’s at 0°, it means that I have conquered the lessons of the house before (Pisces).

    What is the significance of a sign being exactly at 0° 0′ 0″, in regards to life lessons or personality? I’d love to hear your thoughts. :)

    Thanks again for your article!

    • Hi Jen, glad you enjoyed learning about the Aries Point – it’s very powerful. Draconic or karmic astrology isn’t my specialty so I don’t have much to contribute in that area. Re: 0 Aries Ascendant – just be sure your birth time is accurate, as you could be 29 Pisces ASC with literally just 2 minutes difference. Ascendant on Aries Point brings out the Ascendant sign’s quality, so you should be able to recognize your Ascendant sign fairly easily (Pisces is a lot more sensitive).

  37. Hi Hiroki,
    Very interesting article! I search information for the Aries point and it is quite difficult to find smth in this field!
    So i’m glad i found your page here!
    In my chart there is smth i can not understand, astrologicaly. I hope you can figure it out.. I recently found that i have aries point mars (mars in aries 0,50orbs) in 8th house… I don’t know how we can interpret this… i am capricorn with leo asc, moon in taurus, sag venus..
    If you have time, i would be happy to here from you!
    Thank you for reading!
    Have a nice day!
    Theodora from Greece

  38. Hi Hiroki,

    What can you say about Pisces Moon in the 6th and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 3rd on the AP?


  39. Hi Hiroki, any suggestions about an exact ASC/MC midpoint on the AP (0 Cancer)? Thanks!

    • Think of ASC/MC in terms of being able to express yourself fully in your profession. Aries Point brings this potential forward to be seen by others. Let me know if you’ve been able to feel this way about your career.

  40. Hiroki! What an interesting tidbit of info on the AP. I really enjoyed it and it got my mind thinking. I am a 3* cap rising, jup at 29* on my descendant trining my MC which is 0* Sco. Soooo disappointed to see that it looks like I just barely missed the mathematical tolerances for being an AP ASC! Just kidding. I’m feeling pretty special anyhow. Some seriously transformative things going on right now that I think I might just schedule a consult with you for to get a second opinion. My chart is on Facebook as the Clear Skies Astrology page…that I have done nothing with in quite some time. But check it out. I do have some 9th and 3rd house APs and I’m quite the communicator and coincidentally-or not-always seeking higher education. I am really curious to hear some of your insight on some thoughts I have. So I’ll be communicating with you soon if that’s ok. Thanks so much for your article here!


    • Yeah that’s a little out of orb, unless you were born 5 minutes early – who knows :) Either way the transit of Pluto and Uranus in early cardinal signs are bringing out big changes in many people’s lives right now.

  41. Hi Hiroki – No major planets conjunct the Aries Point, but I do have both the Sun/Pluto and Venus/Ascendant midpoint on the Libra Aries Point, in my first house. Asteroids Apollo and Themis are conjunct which probably explains why I come across the way I do – I take certain spiritual principles (such as love, compassion, justice) very seriously and know I can be kind of intense in the way I express myself. I do generally TRY to approach people in a loving and respectful way though.

    Unfortunately, my 12th house Pluto/8th house BM Lilith midpoint sits at the Cancer Aries Point (in my 10th). There’s no getting around my intensity!

    I really appreciate how you incorporate midpoints in your posts. They’re like hidden treasure chests waiting to reveal their secrets.

    • Hi LB,

      Thank you for sharing about your Aries Point midpoints – they do seem to suggest a repeated theme of intensity and transformation, don’t they. AP=Venus/Ascendant midpoint adds the necessary element of social grace.

      Glad you’re enjoying the midpoints discussion – they enrich our appreciation of the horoscope quite a bit. I wish there was a free online service where people can get the 90 degree sort table with midpoints, so that more people can get access to their midpoint combinations.

      • I just use Astrodienst’s ( free chart selection to find midpoints. Once I’m at the Extended Chart Selection, I go to the heading titled “Methods”, then scroll down to the ” Keller Style (with midpoints)” that’s listed beside “Chart drawing style”. Once the chart comes up, I click on the “View the Additional Tables” up near the top left hand corner. I’m not sure if this is different from what you’re referring to, but it at least gives me the midpoints.

        On the second page, there is a listing of “Midpoints in 90 degree order”, but I’ve never understood how to interpret it. At 0 degrees, it shows the midpoint as being Pluto/North Node. Huh??? I’m in over my head . . . glub, glub.

        • Not that it matters, but I had the wrong chart up. At 0 degrees, it shows my Sun/Pluto which makes sense!

        • Dear LB,

          You’ve just given me what I’ve been looking for!!!! Thanks so much for the info. I think I’ll do a tutorial on 90 degree sort some time soon.

          Much appreciated!

  42. Great blog! Very informative, and even more so interesting. Thanks for your insight and I look forward to hearing more from you in the near and distant future!

  43. I thought the blog was interesting but would have liked to see their charts to see where you got the Aries Point. I did not see the connection with Pluto and Saturn.

    • Hi Tami,

      Fair enough: the horoscope links and birth data have been added!

      Regarding Saturn/Pluto midpoint on the Aries Point, it has to do with the Saturn/Pluto midpoint being the focal point of heavy loss and challenges. Having this midpoint on the Aries Point often means that such hard experiences would be evident to the world, and that the person would be open (Aries Point) about sharing them. That this frequently manifests as especially rough experiences in the early home is an empirical observation from Noel Tyl.

      • Thanks for this great article. I have my natal Pluto at 0 degrees on the libra aries point. Im not understanding how Saturn comes into play here as my natal Saturn is nowhere near. Thx!

        • Hi there, not sure if I understood your question…If your natal Saturn is not on the Aries Point, and there are no Saturn related midpoints on the Aries Point, probably you wouldn’t expect Saturn to come into play here.

      • Great read! I have Chiron at 0 degrees Aries in the first house. Sun sign Aries, Aries rising. Would Chiron play into this? He isn’t exactly a planet.

        • Hi Julie, I think it’s quite possible Chiron can show strongly on an Aries Point. Would you say others would recognize you for qualities symbolized by Chiron, the wounded healer?

    • My south node (past life) is at 0 aries in the 9th house of belief systems, education, overseas travels, etc. Ruler is Mars in Virgo (analysis) in the 2nd (for money). Here’s what I’ve done with my life to date:

      Best guess is I was either a conquistador, crusader or something along those lines. Maybe analyzed the worth of items looted from the lands or wrote about it or something. When I first put up the LATOC site back in 2003 my intent was to explain the connection between money from narcotics and how it ends up being laundered into Wall Street AND used to finance covert resource wars in the middle east and africa. Connection from that to my ZAP south node: The conquistadores were the original drug lords as they seized the natives coca supply (later the base for cocaine) and would “sell” it back to them in exchange for gold and silver mined from the gold mines, much of which was used to finance wars for trade routes in the middle east and north africa. Curious note: about 25% of my income from my site came from ads selling silver and gold. And one of the first articles I wrote was in 2004 on how people should invest in silver over gold. Conquistadores favored silver over gold too. Weird how that works.

      • Hi Matt,

        Thanks for commenting. I just subscribed to your site at – I think you have the background to write really interesting astrology articles, so am looking forward to reading more.

        Your Nodal axis (signifying “groups”) being on the Aries Point suggests public expression, and it being on the 3rd-9th house axis obviously strengthens communication & publication. Good for you!

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