Archetypal Musings: the Solar Journey

The Sun and the King Archetype
In astrology the Sun represents our core authentic self. The Solar journey is a quest for true self knowledge and authenticity.

Think of the last time you felt really centered and able to feel the joy of being fully alive in the moment. That was a Solar moment, where you were most likely expressing true facets of your being. All of our fears, challenges and personal shortcomings fade away when we are in that special moment.

Robert Bly called this Solar experience as “being in the presence of the King.” King (or Queen) is an image frequently connected to the archetype of the Sun. Like all archetypes this image is embedded in our collective consciousness. The King archetype brings order into the psyche and the world: we usually project it onto National/Religious leaders and celebrities (Obama, the Pope, or Oprah etc) because our psyche desperately needs these figures to make sense of the world.

The Natal Sun and The Solar Quest
The placement of the Sun in your horoscope represents the path you must take to reach the King archetype (i.e. the state of true authenticity.) In my case I have a Scorpio Sun in the 8th house of occult, ruling the 6th house of service: thus I feel very centered when helping others through astrology.

To get a full picture of the journey, however, we must also take a look at the challenge that our natal Sun placement suggests: in the case of a Scorpio Sun in the 8th house, we can expect deep, dark emotions that must be confronted within the psyche, such as fear, shame, jealousy, resentment etc. These emotions somehow need to be successfully integrated along the way before a King can be reached.

The Threat of Non-Authenticity
For me I start to feel scattered and unfocused (i.e. King-less) when I’m not paying attention to my deeper emotions. By choosing to ignore the messages from my deeper psyche, I in turn lose touch with my Solar self. Often the reminders are painful – I may need to feel the emotions of fear or anger that I have been ignoring for some time – just acknowledging their existence can bring more centered-ness, reminding me to stay on the path of healing the wounded emotions.

For other Sun placement it is most likely different – a Leo Sun may begin to lose touch with its authentic power when it doesn’t confront someone that mistreated him/her. A Sagittarius Sun may wither if not allowed to assert itself. A Capricorn Sun may get lost without setting real world goals to make happen, whereas a Cancer Sun needs to nurture others and herself to be fully in the moment.

Summary: Our Individual Solar Journey
The natal Sun placement can be regarded as a prescription for authenticity and aliveness. With a Scorpio Sun in the 8th house, there is no way I can be an easy going person with lovely thoughts all the time and be authentic – when I try that I get anxious, obviously because I have yet to finish with my underworld journey! For me the jewels lie beneath the turbulent ocean of feelings. While I don’t always engage in emotional work, I know it is what I need if I’m not feeling as alive or centered as I want to be.

This exercise can be expanded to include the aspects to the Sun. If your Sun placement suggests a definite need of taking a certain path toward centered-ness and authenticity, please feel free to share your story through comments or emails.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Hi Hiroki,
    I have an Aries Sun in second house with Venus, and with little know of astrology that I have I figure out that for me the predicament is to shun materialism and worldly attachments and be more pioneering and leader like. Please elaborate.


  2. Hi Hiroki,

    I'm so interested in this because I've never been at peace with the definitions I've found of my natal Sun placement – specifically, about its 2nd house location. Sag Sun, conjunct Mars & Neptune, 2nd house (Mars/Neptune in the 1st). I am not about earnings or possessions at all, although how to happily support myself is a longstanding dilemma. Alternatives I've heard for the 2nd house are values and self-esteem, but those feel like universal concerns to me, and vague anyway as a way to express one's core identity. Do you have any comment on alternative good solar expressions of the 2nd house?

    I have noticed a day or two before my birthday that I feel most authentically myself (tr. Sun highlighting my Sun).

  3. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hi Rekha,

    Your response suggests that this is the way to deal with the material world that feels right for you. Depending on the house your Sun rules (6th or 7th I gather) it also brings in the concerns of work/intimate relationships in which these values will be tested.


  4. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Dear L,

    The second house challenge is that of accumulating value and worth within the physical world. It certainly does not mean you'll be after "things" just to have them, but rather it's through solving the challenge of managing the material existence that you'll come to find what you're made of.

    For example (I'm not saying this is you), I would not trust it easily if someone with this placement were to tell me "money can't buy happiness" – I would wonder if it is a cover-up for his not feeling worthy of success, etc.

    But at the same time there are people who are genuinely spiritually inclined (see Rekha's comment above) who are ready to push forward in an opposite direction…In which case the challenge will be about what to release and let go, rather than what to have and obtain.

    So your comment "how to happily support myself" (in the material world) really says a lot about your quest.

    Kind regards,

  5. rekhareflection says:

    Hi Hiroki,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Indeed, work area and personal relationship pose biggest challenge in my life.
    My idealistic persona is in constant struggle with worldly conventions, its vagaries and superficialities.
    But I guess just learning to mind my business and being prepared for little gains despite sincerity and hard work from my side will help.


  6. Hi, I am from Peru. I just wanna share my solar position. My Sun is in Gemini 10 degrees in eleventh house near to the next house. My sun opposes to Uranus in 11 degrees in 6th house. Also my sun receives quincunx aspects from Saturn and Jupiter in Scorpio and Capricorn respectively.
    Sorry if my english is too bad.
    I have a Boomerang Yod. I think in all my life i felt very tense and very energetic. I had a need to be the best in everything I proposed to do. And I felt very inferior or bad when things dont happen my way. I dont know i always feel Solar but always have group of people in every circle opossing me. It is so frustrating to me to understand or to find the best way to handle this kind of situations. I had the conclusion to be very firm what i do and what i wanna do. Maybe sometimes I am a Tyrant instead to be a King.

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