Air Element in Astrology: Tips & Observations

Air Element: Tips & ObservationsFollowing the discussions on Fire and Earth elements, I’ll share some tips and observations for working with the air element in your horoscope.

Identifying the Air Energy in Your Birth Chart

Note which house cusps in your horoscope are occupied by the air signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.  If you have planets in one of these signs, look at the houses they occupy as well.

Tips & Observations Regarding the Air Energy in Your Horoscope

1) Open Your Window!:  Remember how refreshing it feels to open your window during the Spring or Fall season?  Air becomes stale quickly in a small enclosed space.  In the same way, the air section of our horoscope needs to have plenty of access to open air: In these areas of your life, it’s important for you to have regular access to the larger outside world and the people in it.

This is a metaphor powerful enough to shift your perspective: As an exercise, imagine putting an open window in all of your houses whose cusps are occupied by the air signs (if you have your natal chart on paper, you may actually want to draw the windows on these houses to visualize it even more vividly.)  Can you ‘feel’ what an open window would do for you in these areas of your life?

Why not actually try opening the window, maybe little at a time, in these areas?  What would that mean for you?

2) What Kind of Air Do You Breathe Every Day?: I live near a beautiful natural park, and ocean is also close by.  The air in these places is refreshing and energizing.  When I visit a big city like Tokyo, the difference in air quality is obvious – there I don’t breathe as deeply as I would in Florida, and my mind feels more agitated somehow.  The air we breathe teaches us a simple truth: wherever we are, we can’t escape the effect of the environment we’re in.

In astrology the air element represents our social and intellectual capacity – or simply put, our mind and relationships.  So the metaphor about “the air we breathe daily” has to do with the types of people and ideas we associate with on a daily basis.

You may have noticed that people with strong air emphasis are naturally good at mirroring or mimicking the emotions and beliefs of people around them.  In the houses marked by the air signs, we may have a similar tendency to take on (and be influenced by) the values and opinions of people around us.

Think about these areas of your life, and ask yourself whether the “air you breathe” is conducive to your growth and happiness – i.e. Do their values and actions match your long term goal of who you’d like to be?  If not, you may benefit from a “change of air” through joining a new social circle, or beginning a study program that is in alignment with your life goals.

3) Viewing the World from a Higher Altitude: Isn’t it amazing how different our world looks from the viewpoint of a satellite, or from aboard an airplane?  Of the 4 elements, the Air element, representing human mind, is capable of attaining the highest altitude.  The higher we go, the larger our perspective becomes.

Similar to this metaphor, the air part of us is innately capable of rising above our ego-oriented perspective and seeing a bigger picture.  In relationships this means seeing things from another person’s point of view (something that comes naturally to Air oriented people, and much less so to our Fire dominant friends.)

In many cases the air’s bigger perspective lets us become aware of larger societal issues such as war, poverty and human rights.  While it doesn’t mean we’ll turn into social activists in the houses governed by the air element, it may suggest that we’ll be more aware of other people’s needs in these areas, and decide to help others somehow.

Another way to think about it may be that if we’re facing a tough problem in the life areas ruled by the air element, we may be able to find an answer through shifting into higher perspective. It may be as simple as as asking yourself “how important is this, really, in the bigger scheme of things?” or “How would things look from his/her perspective?  What might I be missing here?”  or “Could there be another meaning or reason to this that I’m overlooking?”  Etc.

To balance out the discussion, we also must mention that the higher you go, the further you move away from the earth and the people in it.  Living in the lofty world of ideals, theorems and philosophies could make you feel ungrounded and out of touch with other people, if you neglect your earthly responsibilities and emotional bonds with others.


Air element represents our capacity to succeed as an intellectual, social being in the modern world.  The metaphors presented here (i.e. “Opening the Window”, “The Air We Breathe”, “View from the Higher Altitude”) are potent visualizations that may become especially useful in the areas of our horoscope that are governed by this powerful element.

Think of how the air element is distributed in your natal chart – please feel free to share your thoughts and experience through emails or comments.

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