9th House: Getting Out of Your Routines

I remember listening to Steven Forrest’s tape about the 9th house many years ago: the phrase that stuck with me was that 9th house has to do with getting out of one’s established routines. How does that work?

9th house opposes the 3rd (the mindset) and squares the 6th (daily work) & 12th (self undoing) house. In pursuing the 9th house behavior, i.e. traveling overseas, getting advanced education, working internationally, or studying philosophy and religion, we often shift our mindset (3rd house), take vacations and/or change our attitude toward daily routines and work (6th), and become aware of unconscious, self imposed limitations (12th).

So if you feel “stuck” about some situations in life and it seems you have no way out, 9th house activities may allow you to think out of the box, and offer unexpected solutions to your problem.

Alternatively, the bigger perspective you gained through such activities may help you realize that you really don’t have a problem at all.

A tension to the 9th house ruler often coincides with an interrupted education (i.e. people dropping out of college, or deciding not to go at all.) The deeper implication of 9th house tension might be that the ability to get out of one’s physical/mental routine (and thus envision a larger world of possibilities) may become limited, thus stifling life development.

Life is way too short to keep being dissatisfied about our daily work and our own limitations – for most of our problems, there is a way out through becoming more educated. Even a trip to a library may be a start. A site like TED might also be considered a source of 9th house experience*.

*Sample of 9th house activities: Joining Peace Corps, working for other international humanitarian organization, pursuing advanced degrees in college, hosting someone from another culture at home, becoming a tour guide for international guests, studying abroad for a year, traveling to one’s home country (if living abroad), attending a retreat, religious gathering, astrology conference, motivational workshop, reading books about philosophy, religion, spirituality, yoga, getting certified in something through training, learning a foreign language, writing and publishing a book. Feel free to share if you have your own version of the 9th house experience!

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. My ruler of AC is Venus in 9 house in Capricorn. It is conjunction Lot of Spirit. But unfortunately square( Saturn Jupiter in 6 th). I like visiting Monasteries and reading books. I read classics and about Christian orthodox books…

  2. Raul R Quiroz says

    My north node is in capricorn 3rd house and I honestly felt more engaged during my elementary, middle school, and high school years. Although my early education was rigid was based on discipline i felt I grew alot as a person. College on the other hand has been more difficult for me and I feel like I’m lagging behind compared to my peers. I honestly don’t feel like it’s worth it anymore….

  3. Great post. I love your website because you have such a crystal clear writing style, making subjects that can seem fuzzy and foggy suddenly feel simple and straightforward. It is refreshing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  4. I have Uranus conjunct Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto in the 9th house Libra. Moon and Sun conjunct on 10th house Scorpio. I speak 4 languages, got dumped from my PhD when Saturn crossed Libra, lived in a diff country pursuing postgraduate degrees, have travelled for work and leisure to 15 different countries. Most of my boyfriends had different nationalities, and/or were lawyers, and/or were published writers, but definetely, they had at least one of these 3 characteristics.
    And in my leisure time, I read about astrology, just because there is always one thing or another that someone writes in a different way. I liked your website, btw, good job!

  5. Hello
    My friend has Capricorn H9 where Saturn in Taurus is Rising opp Neptune in Scorpio H7 (Saturn also trines his H4 Venus/Pluto conj in Virgo which thn sextiles his Nep.).He is so bound by routine and rut-like behaviour he cannot get out…it makez him feel safe.He has never had higher education either (jst like his parents…Pisces MC).Where in th chart do look for inspiration if th 9th is natally so heavy.

    • Hello,

      The tension of 9th house ruler Saturn opposed by Neptune definitely suggests interrupted higher education. With that said, inspiration could come from acquiring the missed education, or another set of study that might make up for it. The mind has to grow.

  6. Hi,

    I have stellium in saggitarius 9th house in sidereal and in tropical it is in capricorn Jupiter sagittarius 26.29,Rah(R)Sagittarius 23.16,Sun Sagittarius 26.25,Ven Sagittarius 04.37,Mer Sagittarius 15.10 . all this are there for aries AC in 9th house .

    I am a theology columnist, always find relationships difficult

  7. Hiroki Niizato says

    Good for you! Thank you for the corroboration.

  8. Vandelay says

    I have a stellium (4 planets total) in the 9th opposing Saturn in the third. Strange intellectual pursuits are setting me free while my mind tries to keep up with them. I dropped out of college with one semester left, then the *world* helped me get back & I ended up staying an extra year..

    I am learning more about astrology.. it's so fascinating.. Every time I give up on it, the *world* brings it back.. I must be exploring something intellectually/physically/mentally..

    I hope to be constantly unburdened in my mind & bound to the present.

    Peace, V-

  9. Hiroki Niizato says

    Thank you Ana Cristina,

    On a related note, I have Neptune in the 9th natally, contacting Jupiter in 3rd. We can appreciate how Neptune and Jupiter involved with the 9th house tends to “elevate” the mind toward spiritual contemplation.

  10. Ana Cristina says

    what you wrote resonate deep in me; I have a challenged 3/9 axis as you know and at this moment being activates by that mighty formation Neptune-Jupiter in transit; I’m having a ball…meditation has a complete new mean for me.

    Was nice to read your post precisely now.

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