7th House and Your Tribe

Some experimental thought – 7th house is “partnership”, but how about if we also use the word “tribe”, i.e. who you belong with, to describe this house:

If Neptune is in the 7th, you belong with Neptunians – creative, artistic or spiritual people. If Pluto is in the 7th, you belong with Plutonians – for example, deeply psychological, emotionally honest people. Similarly, with Saturn in 7th we think of serious, mature or ambitious people as your “tribe.” With Uranus there, perhaps you feel at home with the people that don’t mind breaking the rules sometimes.

The use of the word “tribe” allows us to think beyond marriages and partnerships when looking at the 7th house – after all, the planet in this house would also color the quality of the “public” that we express ourselves to – which is to say, the tribe that we belong to.

It makes sense to me personally to think this way – I think I will ask my tribe of astrologers for their opinions. Your thoughts and comments are welcome, of course…

Update: Someone commented below about the 11th house being associated with the word “tribe”, and this is very proper – I think both houses carry similar meanings in the sense of the “people that you belong to”, but 7th house feels closer than the 11th…I’ll see if I can find some distinction between the two houses.

One possible visualization is, if 11th house is the entire group (for example, a large conference), then the 7th house “tribe” would be the small sub-group within that group that you feel really good in. In looking at the charts of those people in your sub-group, you may notice that a lot of your 7th house is reflected in their horoscopes. At least this has been my experience – so we’re talking about a different level of “belonging.”

Another house that I’ve thought in connection to “tribe” is the 4th house, since that is the family tribe, which is the most basic group you can belong to. All of them make sense.

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  1. I've always considered the 11th house as the house of tribe. How would you contrast the 7th & 11th house assocations?

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hi Tessa,

    Yes, great point…I think I’ll add something on the actual post since it’s so relevant.

    Thank you!

  3. Interesting. Tribe in a tighter sense than 11th house associations but extended beyond just 1 7th house partner. More like other potential partners. Seesm like a natural extension to me. I like it.

    The planet in the 7th idea resonates with me personally. However, I never suspected as much because I have other factors backing it up.

    I think you’re on to something, if not right on it!

  4. Jai Praveen says:

    I have a 7th house Pluto. After reading so much on this, from your blog, I can simply glean that we attract partners(or potential mates) who can help us face our own emotional/mental blockages. Provided we are ready for the ride, it can be a life changing experience of healing and transformation with them.

    It is very true in my case. I look out for people who are "emotionally abundant."

  5. Hi Hiroki,
    Could you explain stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter) in 7th house? What would be the greatest challenge for these people? As far as i know it could indicate problem in creating boundaries with other people. By the way sometimes 7th house is associated with shadow side?

    • Hi Mike,

      Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter together in the 7th house suggest quite a bit of idealism within relationships, especially if some of the planets form a conjunction. I can see how this may result in boundary issues (giving too much and not getting enough in return.) The positive potential is that you’ll be able to express yourself well toward the public. With 3 personal planets in the 7th house, relationship is where you ‘find yourself’ including your shadow side.

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