5th House in Astrology – How You Express Love in Relationships

5th House in Astrology - Love Given to Others (photo)

The Meaning of Fifth House in Astrology

Noel Tyl phrased the 5th-11th house axis as “love given & received from others”.  In this article we’ll look at just the 5th house, which represents how easily you express love to your children, partner, family and friends.

Planets in or Ruling the 5th House: Your Natural Style of Giving Love

Planets in the 5th house (or ruling the sign on the cusp of the fifth house) can reveal your natural style of giving love to others. 

  • Sun in the 5th house, or Leo on the 5th house cusp: Giving love through showing positive leadership & modeling good behaviors; expressing your authentic & best self which inspires and motivates others; sharing your humor and creativity.
  • Moon in the 5th house, or Cancer on the 5th house cusp: Giving love through maternal, nurturing behaviors.  Cooking for people; sharing one’s home; sharing your own emotions and vulnerability.  Listening to others’ feelings.
  • Mercury in the 5th house, or Gemini/Virgo on the 5th house cusp: Giving love through communicating and sharing of knowledge; through being insightful, witty, helpful.
  • Venus in the 5th house, or Taurus/Libra on the 5th house cusp: Giving love through sharing of aesthetic, sensual, or relaxing experience; appreciating others.
  • Mars in the 5th house, or Aries on the 5th house cusp: Giving love passionately and assertively, through sharing athletic or energetic activities; protecting or standing up for others.
  • Jupiter in the 5th house, or Sagittarius on the 5th house cusp: Giving love generously and enthusiastically; through teaching & sharing of opinions; sharing optimistic and/or spiritual vision.
  • Saturn in the 5th house, or Capricorn on the 5th house cusp: Giving love through being practically helpful (note the connection to Virgo Ascendant, which often accompanies Capricorn on the 5th); strategically, with awareness of long term goals; giving “tough love” to help others grow and mature.
  • Uranus in the 5th, or Aquarius on the 5th house cusp: Giving love through friendship; expressing your unique passion and interests; being kind and helpful to others; sharing ideas & experience with group of people.
  • Neptune in the 5th, or Pisces on the 5th house cusp: Giving love through expressions of aesthetics, idealism, spirituality, and healing. There is also a possibility of losing the self through love, which may lead to codependency.
  • Pluto in the 5th, or Scorpio on the 5th house cusp: Giving love with deep passion and emotional honesty.  Through sharing transformative experiences together.  In some cases the desire to control others may manifest as manipulative tendencies.

Tension in the Natal 5th House: What Prevents Us From Giving Love?

4th house is the derivative 12th house (undoing) of the 5th house: Thus, difficult or traumatic experience in the childhood home (4th house) may make it challenging for us to trust others enough to express our love fully.

Tension to the Fifth house ruler or planets occupying the 5th house could suggest anxiety or inhibition about expressing love, especially if it involves Saturn, Neptune or Pluto.

In my horoscope, Moon rules the 5th house, and is conjoined by Neptune.  Cancer on the 5th house cusp suggests that it’s helpful for me to express love in a warm, nurturing manner.  However, the Neptune-Moon conjunction (along with the Pisces Ascendant) also suggests a lot of sensitivity and introversion, which makes me feel quite shy about expressing my emotions.

Although my natural inclination was to stay quiet and withdrawn, I’ve learned over the years that people tend to appreciate it if I stepped out of my comfort zone and actually expressed how I felt and cared for them – so it’s an ongoing lesson in courage.

Summary: Fifth House and How You Express Love to Others

Fifth house symbolizes the instinctive human act of giving & expressing love to others.  Before looking at your 5th house measurements, it may be helpful to take a moment to ask yourself “How do I tend express my love to others?  Is there a way in which I can express love more fully to the people I care about the most?  Why do I hold myself back from doing so?”

Once you’ve answered these questions, see how (and if) your 5th house measurements reflect your reality.  Astrology is most helpful if you can link it to your own unique life experience.  Feel free to share through emails or comments…

About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki@hniizato.com or schedule a consultation.


  1. Stephanie Bustamante says


    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am commenting bc I happen to have similar placements as you and my experience is (no surprise haha!) also similar. And I’m so appreciative bc I have not thought of it like that before. I am definitely more open and expressive now but it has taken work!

    I have an empty 5th house ruled by Cancer and a Pisces ascendant. My moon is in Capricorn (w a sextile to Saturn)

  2. Hi

    My moon is in fifth house Capricorn and I have Uranus trine moon with Uranus in my 12th house Leo. What you wrote about your own fifth house resonates with me. Whilst I have much compassion for people in general, I think my relationships tend to vary between spontaneous fun and support and motivation.

  3. I have Aquarius on my 5th house cusp with my north node near the end of my 5th house in Pisces. Uranus is in my 3rd house in Sagittarius. I always feel like through loving many people rather than focusing on one person brings me new meaning and new lessons learned in life. I feel like my soul levels up. And because Uranus is in the third house I’m always looking to learn new things and want to communicate about the not so usual. Also I feel being a Libra moon and rising also adds to the love part. And Venus and Mercury is in the 9th house, so learning to communicate in Japanese is a big passion of mine. I could keep going but I think this already a lot I’ve said. :)

  4. I have 5th house in Capricorn, in romance I’m very cautious guy and expresing love in a rather serious manner (which I don’t like but it seems Saturn traits automatically express itself) I need stability, responsibility and loyalty in love life.

    When new relationship about to begin I also think a lot and easily get nervous. I love to have fun and enjoyment but in reality, Saturn won’t allow that.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience! Stability, loyalty and responsibility are all good Capricorn words, and expressing them in love relationships will be just fine, so long as your partner is mature enough to appreciate it.

  5. Beautiful. I have a fifth house Moon in Sagittarius with a Moon/Neptune conjunction.

  6. Thank you for your insights!

    Love your site!

  7. Hi

    Thank you for your inspirational article.

    Can you tell me what it means to have my sun,moon,uranus,neptune and true node in the 5th house. I am a capricorn leo rising.

    Thank you for your post!

    • Hello Ben,

      A concentration of planet in a house increases its importance in your development. Whether through activity related to sports, children (the young) or creative expression, there are things for you to explore.

  8. I also read smwher bwt 5th house cusp being mothers rising sign?Mine is in Scorpio wher Nep sextiles Pluto H3 resides at 28degs squars my H2 Leo Moon conj AV..I do hav 4 extremely Plutonic children in th creative artistic sense (esp my 1st child) and I do have an all consuming approach to mothering.Jupiter in Libra is my 4th rules my Saggi Dsc .. I was widowed young and this has affected my ability to love freely due to fear and pain of losing a loved one for both myself and my kids. That happened during my most recent Saturn square Saturn 7yrs ago…now Im at my Saturn in Scorpio Opposition Im feeln scared agn.I can’t wait till Saturn is out of Scorpio.

  9. I love giving gifts, protecting, hugging, tenderness… I love touching, love loving people and rewarding them for being lovable!

    I’ve got Jupiter in Leo in the fifth and, in Cancer is the cuspid (there’s kiron in it)!

  10. tatiana.larina says


    What about intercepted houses? Mine begins in Cancer and ends in Virgo. The 5th house itself is empty. I can definitely identify with your description, as my Moon is afflicted with a number of hard aspects too. But shouldn’t I consider Sun as Leo’s ruler as colouring the vibe of the house as well?

    I know it’s way after the date of the original post – I haven’t checked your blog for months because new posts didn’t appear in my Netvibes feed. Only today did I realize that you changed your RSS feed.

    • Leo and Sun’s energy definitely needs to be considered, but as a secondary influence (it’ll always need to come through your Moon/Cancer.) As of today under the “popular posts” on the right, there is a post called “Leo the Gatekeeper & Intercepted Virgo” which talks about intercepted signs in general, if you’re interested.

  11. Hello!
    Just wanted to say that your latest post was really interesting! It is fascinating to see how much you can be affected by the stars and the planets depending in wich position they are in.
    Looking forward to your next post!

  12. Hi Hiroki – My Aquarius Moon is in the 5th with Capricorn on the cusp, and I related to at least three of your descriptions (Moon in the 5th, Capricorn on the 5th, as well as Aquarius on the 5th). Both my Moon and 5th house cusp ruler, Saturn, are heavily aspected – some are challenging, while others are very supportive. Saturn sits in my 4th (qunitile Ceres, which is trine my Moon), adding to my earthy, maternal vibe.

    Nurturing comes easily to me and I never withhold what’s truly needed, although I have learned to respect boundaries, especially my own (Moon squares Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter, with Saturn at the midpoint). I enjoy giving in a variety of ways – emotional, practical, spiritual – but I’m not an enabler. In reciprocal relationships, I expect a reasonable amount of give and take and mutual respect – love is more than just an emotion, it also involves a conscious decision to act in a loving way.

    Honestly, most friendships end up disappointing me – my inner circle has grown much smaller over the years, but also much healthier, so I’m okay with that. I’m finding as I get older that healing offers me a way to share my love without expecting anything in return. . . yet I do receive a great deal in return. I also enjoy all of the little social interactions that take place daily and have lots of casual friends. Ruler of my Moon (Uranus) is in the 12th – I love my internet conversations, even if they are often one-sided. :)

    • Hi LB,

      Thank you for sharing your 5th house experience! With the Aquarius Moon, it makes sense that you have an easy way about giving love to others. My inner circle is also quite small, though I do enjoy participating in larger group activities like tai chi and meditation groups (gets me out of the comfort zone.)

  13. Left wondering !!! I throughly enjoy your wonderful info, but as I looked at my chart to compare what you posted, I noticed that I don’t have anything in my 4th OR 5th house. Where does that leave me????

    • Hi Kathleen,

      You can look at the sign on the cusp of the 5th house to get more information. Also, the condition of the ruler of that sign can tell you quite a bit.

  14. Your description of Moon in the 5th house could have been written about me. I totally feed my loved ones. Cooking up storms for guests, making special meals for family and so on.
    It made me laugh to read it.

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