2 Types of Karma / Astrology and Free Will

Law of physics says for every action, there is an equal and opposite amount of reaction. That’s the way science describes the law of karma. There are more than two kinds of karma according to Eastern philosophy, but these are especially relevant when we think about astrology.

1) What we may call Destiny karma: the fruit of the actions we performed in our past life.
These, supposedly, are set in stone and unalterable. Think of hitting a tennis ball as hard as you can to the nearby wall – you know it HAS to come back. We hit the tennis ball in our past lives, and now the tennis ball is coming back to us.

What kind of things does Destiny determine? I’ve read it has to do with our lifespan, certain types of sufferings we must go through, the kind of work we do, the amount of fame and wealth we are to have. I can add that who we have for our family is a destiny, since our parents are determined before our birth.

2) What can be called a Seed karma: every moment we sow a new seed of karma through our thoughts, words and actions. We will taste the fruit of our actions sooner or later, in this or the next life.

Astrology and Free Will
When astrologers project a future, most of the time there is an element of choice – the path of less suffering or more suffering; the path of responsibility or the path of victimization; the path of satisfying career choice or the path of unfulfilled potentials.

According to this philosophy of karma, some illnesses must be preventable (i.e. according to the Seed karma that we sow), while some of them probably aren’t (i.e. Destiny). Some relationships must be destined, while some of them might be unnecessary attempts to fill the emptiness within.

Even if some events are set in stone, there are many ways of arriving there – if we know that we’ll live until a certain date, we can choose to make the best of it or live in fear of death. If some marriages are destined, you can choose to bring love to it or die wishing you didn’t have to be married to the person you’re with. These are different types of Seeds that we sow, which will yield different fruits.

Astrology is most helpful if we can identify the potential of the natal/transit patterns as different paths to the future. Saturn really is the lord of karma, in that wherever it is in our birth chart, we have a choice to sow a seed; rather, we ARE sowing everyday, we just need to know what kind.

Saturn aspect to Venus can mean many things, but the stereotypical manifestation of “frustration in love” results from unloving thoughts toward ourselves and others (negative Seed). It can easily become a wise, mature way of giving love to self and others if we sow a different kind of seed through our daily thoughts, words and actions. I’ve seen some clients with this aspect who seem to be on this path of conscious loving, and it’s a beautiful process.

Beginners confuse the two types of karma – they think planets indicate unalterable destiny – most of the time planets give you a glimpse into the future paths, so that you will have a choice to sow some positive seeds. Astrologers are guides that show you the fork in the road – but you are the one that must choose the path.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. The internet is wonderful in that one can post anonymously!! I stumbled across your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it, thank you for writing it.

    I wanted to comment on this post and your comments about saturn/venus. Natally I have venus in cap in 2nd, tightly sesquiquadrate saturn rx in the 10th in virgo. as a child i was only given love and support for achievements deemed valid by my parents, and never lauded for just being me. this early experience and others instilled in me a deep lack of self esteem, and i responded to it by refusing to identify with my venus for most of my youth. i dressed as a boy, i tried to live ascetically for a while, giving away all my possessions and living frugally – i totally avoided my venus in capricorn and the issue of my own self esteem. i was in denial over the fact that i had none. i suffered several episodes of major depression, and i felt quite cut off from my path and lost in the world.

    in my late twenties i got the sudden and strange idea to become a callgirl, something i had never considered before. i wasnt in dire financial straits nor addicted to drugs, i just kept hearing it whispered in my head, and within a month i was a high end callgirl, and within a few more, i was making excessive amounts of money, half of which i put in the bank and the other half i spent on fine clothing, jewelry and possessions. i had many rich clients who gave me a self esteem boost i had never had before – they were paying ME to have sex and be intimate with THEM! all of a sudden i was satiating my natal venus as well as fulfilling its aspect to saturn. i had a low opinion of my appearance, and receiving money made me feel that i must look half decent. my career as a prostitute gave me a sudden boost of self esteem i had never had before.

    i also happened to invest my money in a jungian analyst, and within a year, through my analysis and my study of astrology, i started to realize what was going on within me (i was going through my saturn return at the time). and when i looked deep enough inside myself to see why it was that i was doing what i was doing (to gain a sense of self esteem), i realized that basing my esteem on the sexual interest of men was definitely not a mindset i wanted to stay in. and then just as suddenly as the callgirl idea popped into my head, the idea of becoming a massage therapist popped in. and so now here i am, almost done my program in massage therapy, with 10 times the amount of self esteem i had a year ago, still working with my natal venus/saturn, but now in a way that is truly beneficial to me.

    of course i still have low self esteem and have negative thoughts about myself and my worth, but i am much more conscious of the issues around it, and make efforts to work with my venus in a positive way in order to bring about feelings of self worth in a positive way.

    just wanted to share.

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Dear Sabiha,

    Well said! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and experience regarding your Venus – Saturn. And congratulations for taking these beneficial steps, which will only help in building your self esteem further.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hiroki my pleasure, i've never really shared that before like that, its nice to actually see it typed out, and be able to read it back to myself. its so true what you wrote about karma – some karma is unavoidable, but we all have the choice of how to deal with it. my karma was to deal with my self esteem in this incarnation, and i have made a conscious choice to transform the outer events surrounding my venus/saturn from a potentially very negative situation into something very positive and harmonizing for myself and those around me. it will never cease to amaze me that when you tune into the universe and your inner self, the answers come to you quite easily, its all a matter of being able to get to a place where you can actually "hear" it. it also never ceases to amaze me that the situations, events and experiences that at first seem so dire and negative, can end up being the most valuable in terms of holding the keys to self understanding.

    Looking forward to reading your future posts!

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