10th House: Finding Your Vocation

10th house10th House And Your Vocation

10th house sits at the apex of your horoscope, representing a culminating point of your personal development.  10th house urges you to find answers to questions such as “What is my calling?  How can I contribute in a way that is meaningful?”

Many people struggle to identify their vocation, often burying their true wants under layers of justifications: “I need to pay my bills, support my family…Take what jobs I can.” However, they still feel frustrated, sensing unexpressed potentials within.

When the time is right, you might feel a strong urge to find and pursue your vocation.

The first step is to identify your unique needs and strengths.


10th House and 1st House: Getting in Touch with What You Want to Do

1st house (especially Ascendant) is the focal point of your individual needs, strengths and weaknesses.  You can activate this zone by spending quality time with yourself, like journaling or taking a long walk.  A healthy 1st house helps you get in touch with your unique wants and needs, including what you want to do for work.

1st house squares (i.e. forms a 90 degree angle to) the 10th.  This tension (square) suggests the challenge inherent in blending your personal needs and your career.

In the beginning, your strengths and character are not developed enough to be effective in your true vocation – hence the need for training and personal growth implied in the rest of your horoscope.


Journeying through 1st house to the 6th house, you develop self-knowledge, confidence, communication skills, emotional intelligence, honest self-expression and a little humility.

Afterwards you’re ready, having gone through considerable personal growth, to see others and their needs with clearer eyes.


10th House and 7th House: Being Conscious of the Public’s Needs

7th house represents the Other (and the public, which is a collection of other people).  Descendant is the focal point of other people’s needs and desires.

7th house squares the 10th.  This tension suggests two things:

  1. What you offer professionally (10th house) has to match what other people really need or want (7th house).  If this is not true, you’re likely to end up with a hobby rather than a vocation.
  2. Maintaining professional integrity against what the public (e.g. clients, fans) expects can be a real challenge.  To pursue your vocation, you may even have to endure some degree of public criticism (7th house).


10th House: Where Your Talents and the World’s Needs Intersect

Your development continues on to the 8th house, where you’ll encounter other people’s deaths or your own crisis, and recognize your own mortality.

In the 9th house, you seek a larger worldview and develop a philosophy of life that encompasses the question of death and the purpose of life.

10th house is where your journey culminates.  It asks you a question:

Having these unique sets of needs, strengths and lessons learned, how do you choose to contribute to the world? 

You answer every day through the work you choose to do, and how you do it.


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About Hiroki Niizato

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. Really interesting article and hopefully my comments will get posted this time. I have Venus in the 10th house Gemini and Chiron in 7th house Pisces. There is a square between Saturn and Venus natally. I had always wanted to be a therapist to help others and finally, in my forties I was in a position to fulfill this dream by paying to out myself through university to train in therapy at the same time as still working and volunteering. However, it was all worth it as I found working as a therapist as the most humbling yet rewarding career. After seven years I decided to take some time out as I was helping friends and started to become drained. (Not sure what transits or progressions I had at the time). I never returned as I was out of it for too long. Training and working as a therapist was my true vocation and leaving it is one of my biggest regrets in life. Julie

  2. I feel like I’m going through it right now… I’m on my 9th house right now. Already asking myself the question.

  3. i feel like my purpose is to do something meaningful but i havent developed a career yet, and its really bothers me. i am a capricorn, libra rising, mc cancer, moon in 3rd house sagittarius, jupiter in leo 11th, mars in 9th house taurus. the question is could the south node and the chiron in my tenth house cancer make it difficult to develop a carrer?

    • Hello Z, South Node and Chiron in 10th house would not hinder you from developing a career. There are many factors involved in finding your vocation, and not all of them are astrological. The Moon’s position is important, and in your case the 3rd house Moon suggests strength in the area of communication, teaching and sales. If you’d like to discuss your career potential in more depth, please schedule an appointment for a consultation.

  4. Good Job Hiroki..liked you blog very much. You present your views very cleanly.Well done.

  5. Tim Neilson says


    Thank you for such a powerfully clean and original presentation of discovering one’s vocation. You astrological perspective is so incredibly lucid and in being so your skill and mastery no doubt is helpful to many.



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