Working with Saturn, part 5: Older and Wiser?

Saturn the Old Man
Imagine a man in a certain sign, and make him really, really old: He went through phases of being a hotheaded youth, vigorous middle year prime, and now he is in considered to be an elder in his community. This is the archetypal picture of Saturn, who is often associated with old age.

Older = Wiser or Bitter? Two Types of Old Man
The Old Man went through many successes and failures in his long life; he knows what works and what doesn’t, so he naturally wouldn’t make the same mistakes that the young people make – but he wouldn’t take as much risks either.

Let’s say there are two kinds of old man: the one that became wiser through his various trials and errors, and the one that became embittered through his many disappointments. The wise old man preserves many of the characteristics he had in his youth – there is a twinkling in his eyes, and compassion for the mistakes of youth. If he was born in the mythical tribe of Leo, he is still very much a Leo, but through the years he has learned to express his creativity and humor in a graceful manner, that takes into consideration the feelings of others around him.

The bitter old man is very different: if he was born in the Leo tribe, then he has been so hurt by unsuccessful attempts to win the applause of everyone, that he is determined never to “make a fool of himself” again. He is jealous of young people expressing their creativity, and is often critical of their imperfections. He’s determined to maintain a semblance of respectability by not failing, which often means not trying at all.

Wherever Saturn is found in your birth chart, you will find both types of old man there. Let’s see a glimpse of how they will behave according to the tribe (sign) they are from*:

Saturn (a.k.a. Two Elders) Through the Signs
Saturn in Aries: The “need to be Number One” is tempered by old age. In the case of wise elder this means you are willing to develop leadership qualities in younger people, and other people’s success do not threaten you. The bitter elder will resent other people’s leadership.

Saturn in Taurus: The need to build and maintain security is perfected in old age. The wise elder is a good steward of his resources, while the bitter elder is always suspicious of someone taking what he has. The former is more emotional secure and confident, while the latter is inflexible and fearful of change.

Saturn in Gemini: The need to communicate and diversify is matured in old age. The wise elder will have a lot of interesting knowledge, and is a master of conversation. The bitter elder tends to think and say negative things about everything.

Saturn in Cancer: The need to be emotionally secure is tested in old age. The wise elder has shown much love and compassion for others during his long life, that he is loved by his family and honored by others in the community. The bitter elder has neglected to nurture others in his lifetime, and thus leads a lonely life.

Saturn in Leo: The need to be loved and honored is tested in old age. The wise elder has entertained, inspired and encouraged others during his lifetime, that everyone naturally loves and respects him. The bitter elder was too prideful to show much interest in others, and consequently was forgotten once he was past his prime.

Saturn in Virgo: The need to refine and discriminate is matured in old age. The wise elder has achieved mastery in his specialty, and his attitude to be helpful to others is such that people come from all over to receive his services. The bitter elder is also good at what he does, but he can’t understand why people don’t “get it” the way he does. He tends to be unforgiving of his own and others’ shortcomings.

Saturn in Libra: The need to be fair and popular is perfected in old age. The wise elder is completely charming and thoughtful, that he is naturally elevated in social status wherever he goes. The bitter elder is still nice to others, but tends to be more withdrawn.

Saturn in Scorpio: The need to be deep, reliable and in control is intensified in old age. The wise elder has achieved a remarkable depth of character, and is an agent of transformation himself. The bitter elder is hungry for power, and will use manipulation to control weaker people around him.

Saturn in Sagittarius: The need to have one’s opinion respected is tested in old age. The wise elder has spent his life learning from many wise teachers, and is happy to share his wealth of knowledge with young seekers. The bitter elder was too prideful to continue learning from others, and thus does not have much to say despite being verbose.

Saturn in Capricorn: The need to make things happen is perfected in old age. The wise elder is a powerhouse of vision, leadership and resourcefulness; he continues to make one thing after another happen for a meaningful cause. The bitter elder thinks small due to his past failures, and is envious of wise elder’s achievements.

Saturn in Aquarius: The need to be socially significant is matured in old age. The wise elder has a big vision for helping a lot of people, and has enough friends in right places to make a difference. The bitter elder didn’t have the courage to stand for his vision, and consequently hangs out with people that don’t inspire him.

Saturn in Pisces: The need to “identify the ideal, and work with the intangible” is tested in old age. The wise elder has developed his art and consciousness to an impressive degree, and he is often in a state of creative or blissful contemplation. The bitter elder has scattered his days in unsuccessful attempts to escape reality; now he is spiritually impoverished.

Which of the two elders is stronger in your life? Which one do you want to be when you grow old?

*Here the analogy of tribe is used to describe the 12 signs; more is discussed in this post, where signs are considered as “clans.”

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