Working with Saturn, part 4: Now or Later

Ben Franklin said if you want to live a life of ease, do what you ought to do, not what you please. This thought may be paraphrased as the following Saturnian principle: you can choose to do the difficult thing now and life gets easier later, or you can choose to do the easy thing now and life gets tougher later.

There are so many examples where doing the tough thing now helps you to live a life of ease later:

  • Saturn contacting Neptune* (testing the ideal): Let’s take any artistic endeavor for example – if you go through the anxiety and potential (and real) pain of criticism by showing your work (be it music, art, writing) to a teacher and a peer group for their feedback, provided you select the right people, you will improve through the interaction. It’s not easy to humble yourself and keep seeking constructive feedback from a skilled teacher and supportive colleagues – our inner artist is very sensitive after all – but by doing so you will eventually attain expertise and security in your own work. Here, to be secure in your own skills is the experience of “ease”. If you choose to take the easy path now and do not seek out the pain of constructive feedback, later you may experience the pain of unrealized potential.
  • Saturn contacting Venus (testing relationships): Sometimes, reaching out to others can be difficult or painful – whether it’s making a sales call or contacting your customers or talking to your spouse about difficult issues – but by going through the fear (and occasional, actual pain) of rejection and speaking with them, you come into an entirely new level of relationship with them. If you keep doing this, pretty soon there will be a solid relationship established, which will give you the sense of “ease.” If you choose the easy path and do not reach out now, you will later experience the pain of isolation and underachievement in the relationship arena.
  • Saturn contacting Mercury (testing thoughts and mindset): Learning anything deeply – investing, nutrition, a fitness program, meditation – involves conscious engagement and enduring of the dry spells, plateau and disciplined practice. Learning these things is a challenge, but life gets easier if you choose to make them part of your life now. If we choose the easy path now and do not deepen our learning, we later suffer the consequence of our ignorance (e.g. missed retirement, serious health concerns etc.)
  • Saturn contacting the Moon (testing emotions): It’s really difficult to do the work of emotional healing, when we have been accustomed to shut ourselves off from uncomfortable, vulnerable feelings within ourselves. We can take the easy path and not bother with feelings at all, which most likely will result in the feeling of emotional numbness; or we can take the difficult road of self healing through introversion and psychological self inquiry – which will lead to emotional wholeness later on, meaning you’ll feel “easy” within your own skin.

Note that the “easy” thing to do in many cases listed above is to listen to our fear and not do anything new, daring or challenging – which almost inevitably seems to result in some difficulty later on. In our work and relationships, we’re faced with this choice all the time. So whenever I’m working toward some goals and I hit a spot of insecurity or challenging experience, I ask myself the question: Do I want the pain now, or later?

*I list the aspects here as typical examples, but people without such aspect can also face the choices and fears associated with the examples listed here. For example, if your 7th or 11th house is under tension (e.g. 7th or 11th house ruler squared by Saturn, etc) then what’s written in the Saturn-Venus paragraph may be very much relevant to you.

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  1. wow! this is good stuff. i have saturn squaring my 7th house mars and i do have relationship trouble. am also a saturn sqaure neptune(1st house) with a 12th house uranus… i find ure articles illuminating some problem areas for me.
    keep it coming Hiroki!

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hey thanks!

    Appreciate your kind words…


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