Working with Archetypes – Elevator Analogy

Late Howard Sasportas mentioned in one of his talks: “archetype is like an elevator in a department store – there are many floors that you can visit through it.”

This is a crucial understanding for anybody that works seriously with symbols, including astrologers. What separates the lay person from the sophisticated symbol analyst is the number of different vocabularies that he/she has across the different vertical levels of manifestation, and the ability to put the reality of the situation into appropriate archetypal context.

Take Saturn for example – he is famous for castrating his father to take his throne, then eating his children, for fear that one of them was going to overthrow his position as the ruler. Then Jupiter comes to overthrow him, and he is banished to Rome, where he brings on a golden age (go read the entire mythology here.)

There is a richly varied metaphor within that simple storyline – about ambition, old age, struggle between generations for political power, settling of accounts, how fear and control eats up the future growth potentials within society and an individual, and how faith and optimism (Jupiter) is the only way to overcome fear. Let’s not forget the last part: Saturn bringing the Golden Age into Rome.

Now how does that symbolism compare with saying “Ooooo you have Saturn square Venus in your chart, and that means you have a problem in relationship.” To be sure we all go through that phase, but if you insist on staying there, I think it’s better you stay away from astrology altogether – you hurt less people that way, including yourself*.

I will do this as a series of posts, exploring the different levels of manifestations for Saturn and other planets that tend to get one dimensional treatment by those new to astrology. This way we can get away from the naive “this means that; this is good and that is bad” type of astrology, and start to think in many hues of color – not just black, white and red.

*I’m reminded of Dane Rudhyar saying something like “It takes great moral strength to analyze your own horoscope. But it takes even more moral strength to analyze a horoscope of somebody else.” He understood how dangerous this could be for the psyche, both for oneself and others.

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