What Kind of Venus Does A Relationship Guru Have? (1) Barbara De Angelis

The popular author and lecturer Barbara De Angelis (chart) is one of the leading experts on relationships and personal growth. I’ve listened to some of her tapes and was very impressed by the honest, courageous and unabashedly romantic way she approached her relationships. She has married five times, and as far as I know has been married to the current husband for quite a while*.

Her horoscope shows Venus in Aries located within the 12th house – not an easy placement, as it suggests a subconscious ideal of relationship that may be hard to satisfy. Venus in Aries also suggests that there is a flirtatiousness to test one’s attractiveness; Venus rules her Taurus Ascendant, so others’ recognition of her own attractiveness becomes crucial in reinforcing her own identity.

Zooming out to look at the entire horoscope, all of her planets below horizon are retrograde – thus bringing the awareness into the southern hemisphere (‘a tendency to be pushed around by others, even to the point of victimization’ – Noel Tyl.) This suggests vulnerability in relationships that opens the door to a great deal of hurt. What is the cause of such tendency?

In all likelihood, this starts with the problematic relationship with the father (Saturn retrograde at the Aries Point) – either through his absence, passivity or tyranny. The probability is high that the father wasn’t able to give her the authoritative love that she needed as a child. It seems reasonable that this initial wound led to her life long quest for “solutions in love”, fueled by the idealism of the Pisces Sun-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction.

The Piscean energy to feel and understand is channeled to help others, through the reigning need of Aquarius Moon at the Midheaven (the need to be socially significant, usually through helping others.) She is candid about her own relationship failures, and tries to transmit what she learned to everybody through her writing and lecture. I believe it’s this ability to remain vulnerable that endears her to the public.

It’s been said that we teach others what we need to learn – I find it inspirational that De Angelis has a traditionally challenging Venus placement and yet still managed to create a satisfying relationship, helping countless others to do the same in the process. I think there is a theory that says one way a 12th house planet functions better is by helping others through that planet’s symbolism – seems pretty fitting here.

*I wish there is more authoritative site for this info regarding the number of her marriage – I’ve seen sites saying four or five, so can’t be sure.

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