Transit to Your Natal Sun: Time to Change Your Energy

transits to sunTransits to the Sun Signal Change of Energy

Sun symbolizes your energy. Transit (or solar arc) to your natal Sun signals the time for your energy to evolve. Here we’ll discuss contacts from Jupiter through Pluto to the natal Sun (use hard aspects only – conjunction, square, opposition or quindecile.)

Jupiter to Sun: Time to Expand & Uplift Your Energy

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Sun should be a bright time of reward. It could be a gratifying period of promotion or recognition, or a carefree period of travel and leisure. It could also be an inspirational time filled with spiritual studies. The end result is that your energy lightens up and expands to perceive positive and uplifting aspects of life.

Saturn to Sun: Time to Concentrate and Commit Your Energy

Like chiaroscuro painting, Saturn adds shadow to your light, adding definition and depth to your energy. There is usually a dampening of energy due to extra weight of responsibility or grief. Perhaps a new, serious decision is made that causes you to work harder in a new direction. The result is that your energy will shift into a more focused and mature state.

Uranus to Sun: Time to Free Your Energy From Confinement

During this period, your mental energy increases in intensity and seeks free expression. Uranus transit can signal the blooming of individuality through the pursuit of new ideas. It can also suggest a time to break free from oppressing patterns in your life, both external and internal.

Neptune to Sun: Time to Refine Your Energy

Neptune dissolves and refines your ego energy. This may lead to an awakening of humility and compassion in some people, and inspire artistic vision or deceptive illusion in others. Your energy might soften in intensity, and acquire a gentler, subtler quality like that of an impressionist painting. Sometimes this is a time of quiet surrender and reflection, other times that of an inspired effort.

Pluto to Sun: Time to Rediscover Your Energy

Pluto symbolizes the process of plumbing the depth in order to reach heights. Pluto transit or solar arc could be traumatic for a young child, as it may represent the first glimpse into the dark side of life. For an adult, it could mark a time of empowerment or a sudden change of perspective through an initiation-like process.

Conclusion: Your Energy Evolves Through Time

Your energy is a sum total of your character, thoughts and decisions. Transits or solar arc to your natal Sun might reveal the ways in which your energy is shifting – but it could also be suggesting how you need to evolve at this moment through conscious choices.

If your energy level is chronically low, consider the ongoing transits and solar arcs to see what needs to change in order for you to keep evolving with the flow of time.



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  1. tatiana.larina says:

    These planets often go into retrograde motion and so make multiple contacts with a natal planet while dancing to and fro. What’s the difference between the energy of a direct and retro transit?
    (I’m an Aries so you may easily guess why I’m asking.)

    • That’s a good question – there is a popular theory that places the greatest importance on the first and/or the final contact of a long transit. The thought is that the first contact initiates the process of transformation, and the last contact somehow completes it. It’s a nice way to look at it, although I’m not convinced it’ll always be that neat and formulaic.

      I’ve personally seen cases where applying phase seems to be more powerful (regardless of direction) than separating one, so this is under research…

  2. What about Mars? I willing be experience Mars in Aquarius conjuncting my sun.

    • Hi Kisha, Mars transit to the sun will only last 3-4 days, so you’ll need to consider it within a context of longer transit cycles. Mars can trigger an activity that represents these longer cycles.

  3. what do u think hades conj. sun aries transited by uranus looks like. Not sure what hades is as many interpretations.
    Also can u tell me if say nnodes in virgo by transit, does that mean we act it out? take it on? thank uou

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