Stellium and Counter Emphasis – Aries case example

When three or more planets occupy one sign, we generally call it a stellium. Naturally we expect the sign and the house where the stellium occurs to be emphatic in the person’s life. But the planet that is NOT included in the stellium may be equally significant as a “counter emphasis”, especially if its quality is dramatically different from the stellium sign.

Take the following horoscope of “Edmond” (born 04/12/1840 1:00AM in Lyon, France):

The impressive Aries stellium in the third house naturally suggests a tremendous need to be important, to be “Numero Uno” in his field. The exertion of force (Aries) will occur in the 3rd house of communication – we expect prolific professional communication, as Pluto ruling the Midheaven (career), Mars ruling the 3rd and Mercury (communication) are all located within the 3rd.

Here is the counter emphasis, though: the sensitive, vulnerable Venus in Pisces: it is undeniably emphasized by being in the Sun/Moon midpoint. What is such sensitive emotions doing behind all the bravado and ego assurance of Aries (with the Moon in Leo, no less)?

Additionally we see 4 quintile aspects, suggesting the need for creative outlet: could the Venus suggest arts, music? Then the incongruence is dissolved: this is a creative and energetic communicator dealing with a sensitive (Pisces) subject – music, to be exact!

The horoscope belongs to Edmond Audran, a French composer of internationally successful operettas. Venus in Pisces drives the stellium’s energy to communicate (compose) and be the important figure in his field.

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  1. I was searching about Stellium in Aries 3rd and i found your article.I also have stellium in Aries 3rd House (Moon,Venus,Mars but mercury is being at the end of 3rd ,so considered as 4H ) and opposing to my MC ruler (Pluto). While i am not a writer,i am good at writing,using the words and being sarcastic .
    And i am very into languages,communication,writing etc (that’s another aspect of 3rd house side,i would say..?!)
    I’ve decided to study ‘journalism’ next year,despite of being 35yrs old :) I’ll appreciate if you can share your opinions about 3rd house stuff and talents.
    Thank you and Rgds,

    • With Aries stellium in the 3rd, assertive style of writing and communication is certainly possible. Mercury aspecting the MC also helps. Sales and advertising might fit as well, considering how bold the stellium is.

  2. hello,i have moon uranus neptune in capricorn.(moon conjunct mc at 1degree,and uranus neptune in 10th house).mercury venus mars sun in sagittarius(mercury venus at the end of 8th house and mars in 9th house) , pluto node mercury venus in 8th house but mercury and venus at the end of 8th house.plz help?

  3. Malena Hernandez says:

    I’m so confused about what is “1st house, 2nd house,” etc.. I have an Aries stellium (Aries sun, Mercury in Aries, Venus in Aries, and Saturn in Aries). People say my Aries qualities are more amplified? For example, I’m more aggressive, bold, short-tempered… What do the houses have to do with my planets, or more importantly this Aries stellium???

    • Hi Melena,

      If I understand correctly, you’d like to know the meaning of houses in a horoscope and how they relate to your Aries stellium.

      I’m assuming you’ve already looked at your horoscope, since you know that you have a stellium in Aries. In a horoscope, provided that you know the time of your birth, there are 12 houses that divide the circle into 12 areas of life experiences (identity, self-worth, mindset, family, etc..). This information is available anywhere on the web, so you can explore that if this is new to you.

      Once you’ve grasped the basic meaning of the houses, now you’ll need to look at your horoscope and see which house (or houses) the Aries stellium occupies. You’ll find that houses occupied by the stellium will be quite important in your life.

      All of this requires that you have an accurate birth time when you create your horoscope. has a free birth chart calculator if this is something you haven’t tried yet.

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