Solar Eclipse March 20th 2015: Emotions turn into Action

Solar Eclipse March 2015

Solar Eclipse on March 20th will occur on the Aries Point (Vernal Equinox) which is a point of visible action. In the background there is the explosive Uranus-Pluto square that just completed its final contact.

Frustration, anxiety, desperation, you name it – emotions are running high for many people at this time – and the eclipse might trigger an action.  The key is to make sure the action you take will serve your long term goals, and not detract from it.

I’ve been encouraging my clients to take action toward whatever has been on their mind, especially if they have been afraid to do it. This isn’t the time to blame others for your feelings – right now you have the power and motivation to take ownership and make lasting changes.

If you don’t take that necessary action due to fear, you may start feeling strong negative emotions – but it could be directed at yourself more than anyone else.  Not doing something takes as much energy as doing it – so why not go ahead and make positive changes?

Have you been able to take advantage of this dynamic time period?  What are your new plans?  Feel free to post your thoughts and experience in the comment section!

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  1. “Not doing something takes as much energy as doing it”:
    I resonate with that statement! As a person hosting a Grand Fixed Cross as a key feature of their Astrology I can attest to the enormous power expressed in frustration !! Actualizing that energy is the only way out for me: and at times, I find that ridiculously hard to do. But it’s always better to initiate action: the alternative; waiting for “fissures” to erupt in the terrain I rely upon to provide “grounding” usually results in rupture, which is the antithesis of control !!!!

  2. Betti morse says:

    That is so true, it just happened in my family and I am so glad to have taken the right action!

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