Pluto Says You Can’t Always Trust Your Feelings

Pluto and Emotions

Sayings like “feelings never lie,” or “trust in your gut feelings” reflect the importance of being in touch with our emotions.  While it’s true that your feelings can pick up subtle signals that your conscious mind may miss, there are times you must choose not to trust your feelings.

How Feelings are Born and Stored Within

Feelings occur as a result of experience.  From the time you were born, your mind began to collect and store all of your experiences in terms of feelings and emotions.  Astrologically, Moon symbolizes the inner repository that stores all emotional impressions (hence its association with memory).

The store of emotional impressions can be pictured as a vast ocean within your psyche.  This inner ocean has multiple currents and undercurrents to represent your various needs, desires and fears.  Moon cycles through all of these emotional currents every month, while other planets such as Pluto tend to stay in one area for a very long time.


Pluto and Repressed Emotions: When Not to Trust Your Feelings

Pluto controls currents in the deepest, darkest part of the psyche, representing particularly intense feelings of shame, hatred and trauma.  These feelings tend to be repressed when they are first experienced (typically during childhood, but not always).

Such repression occurred automatically as a defensive measure, because it was not safe for a child (i.e. you) to feel or express these emotions at the time.  Left untended, however, these feelings tend to become twisted, and begin to negatively affect your self-image.

Noel Tyl said “We easily turn feelings into facts,” believing things like “because I’ve felt worthless for so long, it must be true!”  (Substitute “worthless” with anything that you feel to be true: unlovable, not good enough, etc.)

It’s these types of feelings that you must not trust.


Pluto Transit and Emergence of Repressed Feelings

Under a Pluto-related transit, some repressed content from the depth of your psyche may get stirred up and rise to the surface of consciousness.  This might trigger an intense healing crisis, bringing up emotions that were felt/repressed during the original traumatic event.

Depending on the severity of the original trauma, the reaction could range from anxiety or rage to even suicidal depression.  “Trusting your feelings” during these times would be a particularly bad idea, since your feelings may tell you that you’re a bad person and a worthless human being, etc.


How to Overcome the Deluge of Negative Feelings

When you’re caught up in reliving terrible past experiences and the feelings associated with them, it helps if you can remember to exert your intellect over your feelings by saying “It is not happening now.  These feelings belong to the past, I can let them go.”

Many “positive thinking” teachings are based on the fact that what we mentally choose to think can affect how we feel about ourselves.  If you like poetic metaphors, picture Mercury with his winged shoes rescuing the Moon when she is about to be sucked into Pluto’s dark undercurrent.

So if you’re suffering from pervasive negative feelings during a Pluto transit, consider how you can change your thought patterns through reading a positive book or listening to a motivational CD, etc. By practicing actions that help take control of your thoughts, you can gradually release yourself from the unconscious thought patterns and repressed feelings, and in turn create positive patterns and feelings based on the new thoughts you choose to cultivate.

Have you had a memorable Pluto transit where you experienced such healing reactions?  Are you going through one right now?  What was the resulting change?  Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience via email or comment below.


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  1. Natasha says:

    I’m going through Pluto conj Moon and IC transit. In natal Moon conj Neptune square Mars. Everything is confusing,the transit is very hard for me. Positive thinking and walking every day 10 km are saving me and keeping me mentally normal. For now.. :-)

  2. I am having a complex transit with Pluto trine my Moon and nearing the square to my natal Pluto while Uranus is opposing my natal Pluto at the same time!!! It has been a chaos for a long while but with astrology I was able to grasp some of the currents and undercurrents. What’s making it even more difficult is that my natal Neptune opposes Venus from the 12th! And I have just read – thank you for this and many other articles- that this combination makes a person forget childhood traumas so waking up to it is hard. Apart from that Neptune is within a few degrees from opposing my Moon as well so I guess it’s adding to the confusion. What would be your advice? I have tried plenty of techniques and things but it is so much more than I can handle at times.

  3. Hi Hiroki!

    I have Pluto in the 10th house natally. I have been going through a strange transit and time of my life. I was separated from my boyfriend of 2 years when it turned out that he and my family both had underworld connections in their business. It was deemed inappropriate that we be together so we were separated by force. It was very Romeo and Juliet. I was told my boyfriend had just used me for money, though I believe this to be untrue. Since then many repressed feelings of abandonment, shame, and fears of being abandoned by others have risen to the surface. On the other hand this experience has made me grow much and deepen my sense of the injustice and ‘dark side’ of the world. I have also begun to take interest in prisons and prison librarianship in the past 6 months. I don’t know if there is a Pluto transit going on that is the indirect cause of that but this has been a traumatic and yet strangely uplifting and empowering time for me as well. Also strange because I believe my boyfriend may be following me via social media and it seems he has not really ‘left’ me at all, but rather he and his friends are keeping tabs on me in secretive ways. Very strange and mysterious time for me. I look forward to hearing from you!

  4. Hi guys, Hi Hiroki,

    as i experienced and lived through (and survived ;-) almost every possible pluto transit, i would like to add a line that comes into my mind from time to time. Its from one of my mentors (who is also a little bit into the jungian tradition which you hiroki seem to be familiar with) and it ads to your line that its these (i.e. unworthy) type of feelings you shouldn’t trust… stephen gilligan said once in one of his workshops: “only the positive voices are your own ones. all others belong to others.” so every voice inside you, every thought that is not empowering to you, and every feeling that is not “good”, belongs to another person. (and sh/could be sent back with a blessing :-) which totally makes sense to me, because it is simply logical, that my higher self would always and only, think, speak, act or let me feel things that are empowering to me and never do something that not supports me.
    take care, a.

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