Pluto in Capricorn: Challenging Cancerian Security

One of Pluto’s meaning is death/destruction necessary before the rebirth.

Capricorn rules structure; Cancer security. Pluto’s entrance to Capricorn suggests the destruction of the weakened economic structure (affecting businesses and governments) before the renewal. At the same time, Pluto’s opposition to Cancer powerfully challenges our sense of security.

United States is a deeply Cancerian nation (the USA chart has 4 planets in Cancer) – emotional security is of a supreme value. Pluto is currently forming a transiting opposition to US Venus (money, worth, peace), and will continue on to oppose US Jupiter (sense of wealth, reward).

Along with the troubled financial system, Pluto may be destroying the false sense of security we’ve been holding onto, which was based on unsustainable conditions (i.e. is my sense of security based on the value of my asset, which is inevitably linked to the current struggling economy?)

As Pluto forces us out of happy denials, we’ll probably end up facing our fears before finding a new foundation to stand on. The hoped-for end result will be a stronger, more sustainable sense of security, both on a personal and a national level.

(Note: this post was inspired by Raymond Merriman’s piece on the June/July 2009 issue of Mountain Astrologer – if you want more details I recommend you check out the article – it’s very good.)

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  1. Michele says:

    I recently learned of this Cardinal Climax and the powerful paradigm shift we'll be working under! I hear it will be especially powerful for the US!?

    I for one hope to help the situation out by buying a smaller, more fuel efficient car and being more mindful of ways to be gentler with Mother Earth!

    I refuse to be scared of what's coming down the pike…instead, I am choosing to be excited about the changes, the positive changes I can help bring about.. (if everybody does one positive thing…none of us have to do it ALL by ourselves, after all, right?!)

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hi Michele,

    Agreed! I have friends moving towards exploring sustainable lifestyles through building eco friendly homes etc. Who knows what 2020 will look like if the green movement becomes main stream?

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