Pluto and Perspective: The Moment of Transformation


One of the keywords for Pluto is perspective.  Often, the most significant moment in our life comes from a small shift in perspective.  It could be a very simple idea that changes everything (such as: you’re forgiven, or your mother really loved you.)  People pay a lot to go to workshops or therapists seeking just such a shift of perspective.

Shift in perspective leads to empowerment.  In financial history, the idea of compound interest was so powerful that it was initially regarded as sinful or immoral.  Now the idea governs and empowers financial institutions and individual investors alike.  All it took was a shift in perspective – what used to be considered taboo and immoral is now embraced by all.

Could there be other such ideas that, if embraced, could empower your personal or business life drastically?  You bet.

Pluto and the Moment of Transformation

Whenever Pluto approaches key areas in your horoscope, think in terms of shifting perspective regarding the planet and houses involved.  The change of your view may be subtle, and may even seem insignificant.  But like an aikido master subduing an opponent with minimal force, the right change in perspective has great leverage.

Especially noteworthy transits include Pluto squaring its natal position (a significant shift in perspective), Pluto in hard aspect with the Sun, Moon or the Angles (change in the way we view ourselves, our needs and emotions, or our relationships and profession, respectively.)

Shift of Perspective Involves Emotional Experience

Plutonian experience often involves birth or death situations.  When transiting Pluto squared his natal Pluto, a businessman found his perspective shift through a birth of his granddaughter.  His tender emotional connection with her transformed him, and gave him a whole new view of life.

Plutonian shift of perspective is characterized by its emotional immediacy.  We experience the shift firsthand, and no one can take it away from us afterwards because its ours.

Pluto and the Fear of Change

A shift of perspective happens only rarely, because it threatens our ego.  Our familiar perspective, however flawed, keeps us feeling safe precisely because it is familiar.  This is why it’s difficult to break the habit of depression – the sufferer would rather remain depressed than feel the fear of adopting a new worldview.

Closing Thoughts and Questions

If you’re going through a Pluto transit, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you experiencing a shift in perspective, perhaps being forced to reconsider your long-held belief?
  • What ideas seem taboo or scary, but could actually be empowering?
  • Is there a topic, a person or a feeling that you habitually run away from?  What if you confronted them instead?

The key seems to be in creating the space for a new perspective to emerge.  Possible activities for this purpose could include meditation, journaling, counseling and therapy sessions.  A skilled counselor may be able to suggest a single change in your thinking that can resolve multiple emotional issues.  Such simple but powerful shift of perspective is the essence of Plutonian transformation.


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