Oriental Planets (1) – Uranus Oriental and "Taking Risks"

A planet is Oriental when it is the last planet to rise BEFORE the Sun (i.e. it is the first planet you’ll encounter if you start from the Sun and move clockwise in your horoscope.)

While Mercury or Venus orientals are the most common and therefore not considered as being too important, other planets – when oriental – are given added significance, especially within a vocational analysis.

I will begin the exploration of oriental planets with the Uranus Oriental (written as Ura E in a shorthand – “E” denoting oriental).

Uranus is commonly associated with individuation and innovation. Taken together, this suggests a person who tends/needs to take risks in the process of becoming modern.

While this seems to suggest a person who needs to be in a progressive or risky profession, it could also suggest a person who needs to dare being individualistic (and therefore goes against the tradition) within the most conservative organization:

Pope Benedict XVI has Uranus oriental, and, aside from being an accomplished scholar, his individualistic views regarding religious issues surrounding Christianity, Judaism and Islam have caused many controversies.

If you have Uranus Oriental and you are working within a conservative job, it may be interesting to see how you are making your unique mark within the organization. If you can’t think of anything particularly different about you, chances are that your true color hasn’t appeared yet!

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  1. I have uranus oriental in scorpio in my 5th house.
    I tend to be changeable and I tend to want to create change. Positive change within myself and around me.
    I also like unusual and innovative things.

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