Not Doing Nothing – Possible Benefits of Neptunian Solitude

One manifestation of Neptune (either through natal emphasis or transit/arcs) is solitude: you get unplugged from the world and relationships with others as much as possible. While this may appear to be hiding, that isn’t always the case – something active may be going on. Here are some examples:

  • Robert Bly stresses over and over again how important solitude is to a poet. He lives in a farm with large acres of land, and somewhere in the woods he has built a hut that he goes to spend days alone to work. He says even his wife doesn’t know the location of the hut! Bly has natal Moon conjunct Neptune. He is anything but shy or timid when teaching workshops or reading his poetry; it’s possible that his fierceness is born out of time spent in creative solitude that allows him to distill his thoughts.
  • In religious or spiritual community, a “retreat” (a Neptunian word) is often held. The practitioner retreats from the world, not talk to anybody, and sits in meditation, but internally he is deeply engaged with his psychic content. Afterwards he may come out with a clearer mind and a better defined self image, which allow him to be empowered in the world.
  • Late Emily Remler (a superstar jazz guitarist) said, in the beginning of her career, she was very dissatisfied with her playing in jazz. One day she was so fed up with herself that she stopped going out, stayed in her room to practice all day and night for weeks. When she came out of this intense practice period, she played so well that everyone took notice.

Sometimes solitude is just what you need to strengthen yourself. This is different from hiding in order to be passive. Weeks spent alone could be very intense, fruitful and exciting, if you know how to remain engaged.

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  1. Timothy Neilson says:


    Neptune inspires me; eventually. Thanks for this thread and so many other Neptunian nuances you’ve shared of late.

    I tried to read Liz Greene’s ambitious treatise but it couldn’t hold my attention. I kept falling asleep and day dreaming away mid-sentence. Maybe I got it after all.


  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    lol, long Jungian writings do have that effect, don’t they? I’m enjoying a (shorter) book by Jung called Undiscovered Self – very insightful read…will write about them some time soon.


  3. Neptune in my chart makes lot of aspects. It is on the Nodal axis (conjn North Node with orb of 1 deg), conjn Mars (orb 3 deg), square Moon (orb 4), square Jup (orb 1)
    My Moon & Jup are also in Pisces, ruled by Neptune.
    Meditation and spiritual reading is a massive focus of my life…this is probably all Neptune

  4. Gosh…thank you, some one who understands the need for solitude. I’ve Neptune on my IC and moon and Venus loosely conjunct in the 12th and get tired explaining to people that I actually enjoy time to myself. I’m presently enjoying day 12 of 13 days off in a row :-) I’ve spent most of that time on my own in my flat, sometimes doing chores, others exercising and some, like now, reading your blog for hours until my bum feels numb! As a Libra Stellium however, I need social interaction and often feel it’s hard work to balance but at least now I know there’s no need for guilt about my rejuvenating solitude :-)

    Great blog, I may be contacting you for a have a wonderful approach to astrology.

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