More about Clans, Professions and Sun Signs

I’m continuing the thought from the last post:

Think of the ancient days when our (imaginary) 12 clans were living apart from each other. Naturally, each clan would have its own hunters, doctors, cooks, priests and elders. But each clan would have a slightly different approach unique to its group characteristic.

In a Virgo clan doctors might study herbs, medicine and foods that have curative properties – they might create a very refined science of healing through detailed categorization. Whereas in Pisces clan, doctors may rely more on affirmations and divine healing…

In a Scorpio clan if somebody is ill, he/she might go see the village shaman in his hut, to go through some deeply private healing rituals. In an Aquarius clan there may be a support group for patients suffering from different kinds of illnesses, to exchange information and come up with better solutions to share.

All clans need their healers, leaders, teachers and artists – so Sun sign isn’t indicative in any way as to what type of profession suits you. But you still may work in a way that is unique to your Solar clan.

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