Moon Pluto Aspect: Emotional Transformation

Moon Pluto conjunction square opposition


This article is relevant if you have a natal Moon Pluto aspect, or are going through a transit Pluto Moon aspect. It’s also for mothers who have a child with natal Moon Pluto conjunction, square or opposition.


Moon Pluto aspect mother relationship


If your natal Moon conjuncts, squares or opposes Pluto, then Plutonian qualities will enter into your lunar bonds (e.g. your relationship with your parents, spouse and children). Let’s look at a few examples, both positive and negative, of how this can look like in a mother-child relationship:


Pluto’s lesson is in learning how to wield power and influence over others. During childhood, this lesson often involves seeing a shadow form (a negative expression) of the use of power in your parents (the mother in this case).

A Moon Pluto aspect may suggest that your mother was very controlling, and didn’t honor your emotional needs. The control could have been overt (e.g. a dominant, smothering mother), or subtle (e.g. control through guilt or manipulation).

Growing up with such a mother could be taxing for your confidence, as you may feel powerless against her will.

If this applies to you, it’s possible that your mother still wields a great deal of power over you. Then your lesson might be to start honoring your own emotional needs, despite how your mother may react.

However, it’s important to note that not all Plutonian mothers are like this.


There are many mothers who embody positive Plutonian qualities, such as self awareness and psychological insights.

These mothers learned how to wield their own power without having to control others. They influence their children through sharing of knowledge and insights, rather than through criticism.

If this describes your mother, then you’ve seen the positive potential of your Moon Pluto aspect.



When someone with a powerful Moon walks into a room, it changes the mood of everyone. This dynamic works in both directions (positive and uplifting, or tense and depressing). If you have Moon conjunct, square or opposition Pluto, you have the potential to wield this kind of emotional influence. The question is, how consciously will you be able to use it?


Pluto is a symbol of extremes, and Moon Pluto aspect suggests the extreme power of your emotions. Used consciously, this means your emotions are directed toward a purpose, and will attract support from others.

Wielded unconsciously, you could influence others negatively even without being aware of doing so. An obvious example is that you’d follow the negative patterns of controlling behavior you learned from your mother.

A more subtle expression of this aspect is suppressed resentment. In this scenario, because your needs were strongly suppressed by your mother, you grew up not being aware of your emotional needs, and how much resentment you carried as a result.

In such a case, despite your powerfully emotional nature, you’re unaware of what you’re feeling deep down. As a result, the negative emotions may build up in your unconscious, and seek outlet from any means, usually through other people’s moods.


One magical thing about any lunar bond (say, in a marriage) is that we’re emotionally connected with the other person on an unconscious level. It’s like two wells sharing the same water table: Underneath your conscious awareness, yours and your partner’s emotions blend with each other.

What this means is that the toxic emotions repressed in your unconscious may affect your partner’s mood. As a result, your partner may express the negative emotions you’ve been carrying all along. And you may wonder why your partner is acting all angry and causing insane fights to happen.

If you have a natal Moon Pluto aspect (especially conjunction, square or opposition), you’ll need to be aware of your suppressed feelings lest they taint your most important relationships.

Now we’ll discuss a conscious way to express the powerful emotional energy suggested by the Moon Pluto aspect.



moon pluto aspect passion for purpose


When a Moon Pluto person finds a calling or a higher purpose, then her emotions will be 120% committed to it. This kind of zeal (i.e. passion for a cause) is magnetic, and cannot help but influence others.

Your purpose is unique, and cannot be defined by this aspect alone, but here are some examples of Moon Pluto individuals that have wielded enormous influence in their fields through their passion and purpose:

  • Oral Roberts had Moon conjunct Pluto in his 3rd house (thoughts, communication). He had a religious epiphany when he was 29 (yes, during his Saturn return) that led him to begin his massively successful healing ministry.
  • Another famous evangelist Billy Graham has Moon opposition Pluto. The teaching oriented Sagittarius Moon sits on his Midheaven (Career, purpose).
  • Carl Jung, one of the most influential thinkers in 20th century, had Moon conjunct Pluto in his 3rd house (again, thoughts and communication).
  • On a political front, Barack Obama has Moon square Pluto, and so did Mohandas Gandhi. Both of these men wielded powerful influence over people’s emotions, each in their own way.
  • Angelina Jolie, who is extremely influential on many fronts, has Moon opposition Pluto.
  • Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl had Moon opposition Pluto. He lived through the extreme conditions of a concentration camp, and wrote the best-seller Man’s Search for Meaning.

Note how profoundly these people influenced others through their emotional commitment to a cause. Your calling may or may not be so publicly visible, but it should energize you and others around you in a same way.


transit pluto conjunct square opposite moon


Transit from Pluto to your natal Moon will have a profound impact on your emotional makeup.

Here are some possible changes that can take place when you have transit Pluto conjunct, square or opposite Moon. You may experience some or all of these phases in the course of this long transit (about 1 – 1.5 yrs.)


Picture a locked cellar within the basement of your psyche. When you were a child, a lot of scary, unsafe emotions (like rage at your parents, grief of early loss, or terror of abandonment) went into that cellar, so you didn’t have to deal with it.

Pluto Moon transit can trigger – through an outer event – the opening of that locked cellar, so that you face these emotions perhaps for the first time since you became an adult. It can be a very intense experience.


It’s possible that you experience this transit as an emotional warfare with another person (perhaps especially with a transit Pluto square or opposite Moon).   If this is your case, it’s important to consider how many of the negative qualities you see in the other person is a reflection of your own suppressed emotions.

If you’re indeed projecting your shadow qualities into the other person in a relationship, typically the battle will not end until you start to own up to some of these qualities you’re criticizing (e.g. “I can’t believe how easily she flies into rage” or “I hate it when he becomes so cold and withdrawn.”)


Feeling repressed emotions can be a difficult and exhausting work. If you’ve had a lot of trauma during childhood, it’s advisable to do this with a skilled counselor or therapist you trust (often a successful therapy requires 1-2 years, about the duration of a Pluto transit).

As you begin to accept and feel the repressed feelings, what happens is that the energy you’ve been using to keep them locked up will return to you and give you more energy.


As you begin to integrate repressed or projected emotions, you also start to benefit from the positive aspects of these feelings:

  • Integrating anger often gives you the ability to assert yourself in healthy ways, so you avoid becoming a martyr.
  • Accepting grief or pain of abandonment can increase your ability to nurture yourself, making you less emotionally needy.
  • Recognizing your fear of death can increase your enjoyment (and appreciation) of everyday life.
  • Facing the feeling of powerlessness can give you humility and compassion for others.



If you have a natal Moon Pluto aspect, emotional transformation might become a key theme in your life.  This is especially so if your horoscope has an emphasis on the 8th house or a prominent Pluto.

Either way, Pluto Moon transit will have a deep emotional impact.  Depending on the placement of your natal Moon, how such transformation will affect you will vary.  Ideally, you’ll regain your emotional health and begin to influence others in positive ways.


Do you have a natal Moon Pluto aspect? Or are you experiencing a transit Pluto Moon aspect? How was your experience? Feel free to share your insight and example in the comment section.

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  1. Dear Hikoki, thank you for this insightful and well written essay on Moon – Pluto contacts. I have a 12th house Scorpio Moon ruled by Pluto in 8 and Pluto trines Ascendant. Everything you write here also applies to my Moon. This year I have experienced a Moon-Pluto transit and the experience was like opening a dark cave into which had been sealed some pretty powerful emotions! Your observations describe the experience to a tee! Thanks again.

  2. Wow, this description is so acurate. It describes me to the T. Had a very controlling mother growing up, still try to controll me but I had to cut ties.
    How do I know this Moon and Pluto thing. I am born in July 69. I am new to this but totally fascinated by how acurate it is .

  3. MC at 19 and natal Moon at 16 degrees Capricorn. Transiting Pluto eternally sitting on my Moon and not far from my MC. It feels like there’s no end to the dark night of the soul and life falling apart. It’s hard not to avoid getting to the point of asking oneself the meaning of living.

  4. Thanks, Hiroki.
    I have Pisces Moon conjunct Chiron, and a zero degree orb opposition to Pluto.

    My mother was unfortunately severely addicted to narcotics my entire childhood. When she was sober, she would snoop in my room. She also had a “Munchausen by Proxy” issue and constantly took me to doctors insisting I was ill. She passed away when I was 30, and it was such a blessing because I had a child a year later as a single mom and it was so much easier to endure without feeling guilty as I would have had she been alive.

    My dad had remarried when I was 11. His wife was very jealous and controlling. I never lived with them but she still insisted upon intruding in my life. She remained in touch with me after my dad died, and some 10 years later I finally insisted she cease and desist due to her chronic nagging and refusal to mind her own business.

    She had Sun/Mars conjunct in Virgo, so she insisted upon overwhelming me with excessive, exhausting written and verbal communication.

    • Hi Sherry, thank you for sharing your experience with your mother and also with your father’s wife. This kind of jealous or intrusive behavior also exemplifies the shadow side of the Moon Pluto aspect. Much appreciated…

  5. You mention that this transit lasts from 1-1,5 years.
    The “short forecast” in is saying that my current moon opposition pluto transit will last from april 2015 until november 2017 … Can that really be? That is 2,5 years …!?!
    I am hanging in there, old painful and previously not properly processed emotions from baby and toddler stages coming up, but as long as I am aware that this is old stuff, it is easier to handle it in the now, not projecting it or avoiding it when it surfaces.

  6. Hi Hikoki – Thank you for your insightful text on Moon – Pluto. I do not have a Moon – Pluto aspect but I do have Pluton in my 4th House, which I assume has similarities. My mother used to control me in a subtly way via manipulation as a child, but I also have a high image of her power and what she accomplished in life (and teach me so). Question: How would you recommend to unleash / use the inner power in my life?

    • Hi Pablo, Pluto in 4th house may have a similar flavor, although it doesn’t have as strong of a mother significance (4th house could be the father, or the atmosphere within the family.) Regarding your question, most often the place to express Pluto’s power is in your vocation, regardless of what house it is in. The whole chart needs to be consulted before assessing which vocation.

  7. I have moon conjunct pluto in 1st house in virgo. So Im a very analytical deep thinker. Sometmes I’m so emotionally deep others don’t know how to figure me out. My mother was a scorpio.

  8. Cynthia DeWolf says:

    Hi Hiroki I am very impressed with your site very interesting work. I have just one observation and that is Carl Jung was born with the moon conjunct Neptune. I was born with moon conjunct Pluto and your interpretation is spot on. I will be booking a reading soon.
    Thank you
    Cynthia DeWolf

    • Hi Cynthia, thank you for the kind words! Jung’s Moon and Neptune are over 12 degrees apart, so a bit too far for a conjunction – but he does have Neptune square Sun, which makes the symbol very important in his life.

  9. Cynthia DeWolf says:

    Hi I love your work very insightful and spot on. I have been studying astrology since 1973 and I do believe that Carl Jung my personal hero was born with the Moon conjunct Neptune
    5 and not Pluto please correct me if I am mistaken. I am so happy that astrology has come out of the shadows and is there for those interested in decoding the symbols to use for personal and social development.
    Cynthia DeWolf

    • Hi again, Jung has an 8 degree Moon Pluto conjunction (a bit far, but clearly active in his life). His Moon and Neptune are a bit too far (12+ degrees) to be considered a conjunction (see above comment).

  10. This article was very insightful. This can surely be a scarry transit, moon is the most vulnerable planet. I have moon sextile pluto in the natal but transit pluto is 2 degrees away from conjuncting my moon in 1st.
    I will be reporting (gemini sun) from the pits of darkness very soon.

    • Thank you Maya. Remember that transits often represent internal changes that need to happen. External events might reflect the internal state, thereby providing opportunities for new insight to occur.

  11. Hello Hiiiroki !
    Your article was indeed intriguing to the bone ! I really connected with some of the stuff you said, I myself have a Pluto square moon aspect. And boy let me tell you, reading the part of the Negative mother-child relationship couldn’t be any more true . I’m still new to this Astrology stuff so it’s really helpful reading your articles. Especially about Planets conjunct planets and signs to the degrees and houses with angles with signs @-@

    Confusing indeed

    But Thanks again for this insight

    Love the name Btw :^) haha

  12. Hi, astrology has helped me so much over the years.
    I have Pluto in my third house square my moon in the 12th and a rather tight degree. I have days when I fill the pain of the world and it can be very difficult, I also see pain and a remedy in others.
    Yes my mother is difficult and dominant, I have learned to stand up to her, some one had to. We also have quite a strange bond that is a bit hard to explain.

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