Mercury Retrograde as a Transit

We’re 1 week into the current Mercury retrograde period, with 2 more weeks to go.

Play of Words
Someone said activities that start with ‘re’ is appropriate during Mercury retrograde cycle. According to an etymology dictionary, re means “back to the original place, again,” also with a sense of “undoing,” as well as “again, back, against.”

Here are some common activities during Mercury Rx period:

Repair: you may find that your cars and electronic appliances may be in need of repair

Review, reevaluate: looking back to reassess priorities, values etc.

Reconnect: meet the people that you haven’t seen/heard from in a while

Retrace: 2 steps forward, 1 step back. No worries.

Relax: take time to retreat, rejuvenate, reflect, etc.

Mercury Retrograde as a Transit
Last Mercury retrograde occurred in early Gemini/late Taurus, and Mercury ended up transiting over my 3rd house Jupiter 3 times during the retrograde cycle (direct, retrograde, direct.) Besides being a great period of study, so many ideas came to me during this period that I was able to write enough blogs to last me several months (I published them as weekly posts.)

So in this case, Mercury transiting the 3rd house Jupiter several times was clearly an emphasis on study and communication (the combination of Mercury and Jupiter in general seems to be conducive to writing, as it represents big ideas and growth through study/communication.)

The current retrograde in early Libra/late Virgo is happening in my 7th house, involving no planets in particular. I still see it as a welcome period of reflection, but I’m also rather busy participating in many meetings and group projects. In keeping with Virgo archetype, perhaps, I’m also dealing with personal feelings around guilt and imperfections.

Mercury retrograde is a time of retracing steps, of going back to retrieve something of value, or a time of renewal. Depending on where it occurs in your horoscope, there may be an intense mental focus on the planet/points transited by the Mercury retrograde. If you are experiencing significant transit of Mercury retrograde, please feel free to share/discuss via emails or comments.

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  1. Mercury retrograde it's in my 7th house too, but touching my conjunction Jupiter/Uranus in the O degree of Libra, very near of the 8th house.
    After, he will touch my Pluto in the 7th too.

    I'm trying to feel and understand these transits.


  2. Ana Cristina says:

    Hiroki Mercury Rx it's usually a good period for me in terms of what you said re-view :-) This last one is taking place in my 9th, on the very 1st day, my new mobile took a tea bath. During this time I've been wanting to travel and study more than ever. Part of it will happen next month, I'm going to Brazil to give consultations and make some courses :-) see Saturn on my MC.

  3. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Sandro – please let me know when you find out.

  4. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Ana Cristina,

    A tea bath, indeed! Congrats for the Brazil part :)


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