Mercury as a Way Out of Depression / Connector to Other Planets

Horoscope is a holistic map of our psyche – let’s say a potential for all possible human experience is contained within it. This means it contains our capacity for despair as well as joy.

What is chronic depression? When I speak with people that are chronically depressed, there seems to be a short circuit in their psyche that doesn’t allow them to access any parts of their psyche except the memories of pain and the wrongs that are done to them.

This means they are only making partial use of the resources available to them – astrologically, we could say they are functioning from the Mercury-Saturn complex alone (if that’s what’s highlighted in the horoscope), and lost touch with Jupiter.

It’s very difficult to encourage somebody that has lost touch with their faith, hope, enthusiasm, gratitude, generosity and optimism (these are all Jupiter words).

Apparently this is a problem for most people, hence the need for “positive thinking” literature of all kind, first started by Norman Vincent Peale (who has his Jupiter on the Aries Point!)

In Christianity they call it positive confessions, and many people do seem to get positive benefit out of speaking a biblical verse (which contains the sense of spiritual authority) that has to do with the goodness of God, his protection and promise for better future, etc.

And then there are a whole set of books filled with positive affirmations you can repeat; CDs you can listen to while you sleep…You get the picture.

So these are all designed to help people access the Jupiterian part of their psyche, through their words (i.e. Mercury). Mercury is so important in that it allows us to touch all other parts of our psyche – that’s why it is called a messenger of gods.

Let’s see how this works for connecting to planets other than Jupiter:

  • Reciting or listening to poetry lets you access the creative/ecstatic visualization capacity of Neptune through words.
  • Combative language used in rap music helps the listeners access their sense of power or aggression – Pluto, Mars.
  • In psychotherapy, the therapist tries to help change the perspective (Pluto) of the patient through the use of different vocabulary to describe the same situation.
  • In “Inner Child” therapy, you use your non-dominant hand to write, in order to allow the emotional, “child” part of the psyche to express itself. Perhaps this lets us access the Moon.
  • Any words expressed with caring also lets us feel the Moon.
  • Venus is involved whenever we try to be clever or artful with our words, as well as being thoughtful or diplomatic in what we say.
  • Sun is present almost always when we use the word “I” in our speech or writing, or when we are exhorting and edifying somebody that we respect and admire.
  • Uranus and Mercury together fires up the intellect or communicative faculty – I think here we get into the language of mathematics, finance, science, technology, innovation, or games such as chess.
  • Then Saturn, whenever we study, think or communicate deeply, responsibly, wisely. In workplace we mainly talk using Saturnian language.
  • When we mourn the dead and speak or write about their memories, we enter a Plutonian realm of death.

And there are so many more…After all, language was created to express the wholeness of human experience.

None of the Mercury measurements has to result in depression, as long as you are in touch with the wholeness of your psyche to some extent. For people that are stuck in any one mode of thinking, any activity that helps them access a different part of the psyche may offer a way out.

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