Man and His Environment – Insight from Hayao Miyazaki, a Master Storyteller

I don’t know if you’ve seen “Spirited Away” or “Princess Mononoke” – both masterpieces from Hayao Miyazaki. I’m reading a transcript of his interview, and it’s very good.

One of the key ideas Miyazaki kept coming back to in the interview is how we have stopped looking at nature and our environment altogether. To paraphrase, “This leaves only one thing for us to look at – humans. This is the cause of our obsession with human faults, and leads to subconscious hatred of man.”

Astrologically, a horoscope can never be interpreted without considering the natural, political and social environment that a person lives in. The energies of the planets are meant to be used to interact with the environment, and not “just for ourselves” (whatever that means.)

If we choose to live apart from the environment, and think of ourselves as independent from it, all of our energies will start to turn inward (toward ourselves), or toward other people, frequently in the form of criticism or hatred.

Some examples:

  • Virgo is the power of observing the details of our environment – through this analytical faculty we learned how nature works, as well as how our body healed itself. Cut off from our environment, we start to analyze ourselves and other people, and start noticing the flaws.
  • Scorpio is similarly the function to attain control through knowledge – through it we have accumulated the observations collected by the Virgo function to harness power over the environment. Apart from the environment, the control turns toward the people around us – which may be a little too much for others to handle.
  • Pisces is the function to connect with the subtle or sublime aspects of nature. Without the connection to the environment this faculty will crave to experience it in one way or another – but most artificial experience will fall short of satisfaction.

Obsession with humans and human technology that are perpetuated by the media might be wrong for the non-Air (Gemini-Libra-Aquarius) part of us.

While we can definitely appreciate the benefits of the development of technology or psychology, we might end up missing a great deal of human experience if we continue to focus on people rather than our environment as a whole. Your horoscope might start singing an entirely different song when you start paying attention to your environment.

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