Lunar Eclipse Solstice – What It Means In Your Horoscope

Many late-nighters got to see the total eclipse of the Moon on December 21st.  I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t one of them (3 am is a bit much), but I keep having this strong feeling that something significant has happened, so I’ll write about it here.

Why This Lunar Eclipse was Significant

Astronomically, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and the Moon are exactly aligned with Earth in the middle, so that Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from reaching the Moon.  This eclipse was rare in that the total lunar eclipse has coincided with Winter Solstice, for the first time in 456 years. 

Lunar eclipses always occur during the Full Moon.  This time, it occurred during a Full Moon in Gemini. Sun was at the 29th degree of Sagittarius, about to enter Capricorn; Moon was at 29 Gemini, about to enter 0 Cancer.  (For beginners, Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun enters 0 Capricorn.)

In astrology, the degree in which an eclipse occurs is considered significant, especially if it coincides with a planet or an Angle in your natal chart.  This time the event seems doubly significant, because the eclipse occurred on an Aries Point (i.e. 0 degree of Cardinal signs.)

In a natal horoscope, Aries Point is the point of public projection: you have a potential to become known to the world through the quality of the natal planet (or the midpoint) on an Aries Point.  In mundane astrology, transits to Aries Point often coincides with significant events.

Eclipse is often considered as a foreshadowing event, suggesting an important development to come through the natal planet or point it touched (usually through conjunction, square or opposition.)  Considering that this eclipse aspected everyone’s Aries Point, there could be noticeable change that could be felt by many.

Interpreting the Lunar Eclipse in Your Own Horoscope

There is a Pluto-like quality to the symbolism of lunar eclipse, as the light of the Sun is temporary blocked, and a deep abyss opens into one’s emotional self.   For some, this could signify an emotional breakthrough of some sort, as a result of seeing deeper into themselves.  For others, surprisingly powerful emotions could be felt from within, empowering the psyche.

On the other hand, the lunar eclipse could coincide or foreshadow an emotionally stressful event, which may result in grief, or even despair.  If you’re prone to negative thinking, it’s important not to draw far reaching conclusions from challenging events that may be going on at this time. 

If you have a planet or an Angle within 2 degrees of the Aries Point, then pay special attention to it for the next 6 months or so, and see how your life develops in terms of the symbolism.  Some examples follow:

  • Saturn on the Aries Point in 5th house will highlight your business, serious hobby, your father, or your child.  The eclipse could suggest the beginning of a transformation in the way you work, or how you relate with your father or your child.
  • Venus on the Aries Point in the 7th house will highlight your popularity with the public, as well as your marriage/relationship.  The eclipse could bring up uncomfortable issues, but may also strengthen the emotional bond you have with people.
  • Neptune on the Aries Point in the 3rd house will highlight your creative imagination and inspiration expressed to others, or perhaps your confusion and escapist tendencies.  The eclipse could intensify both positive and negative potentials of Neptune archetype.

If you have a midpoint on an Aries Point, then consider its symbolism in terms of the planets involved, and see how they may be highlighted for potential development and expression in the near future.

Conclusion and Further Discussions

Have you felt differently during or after this lunar eclipse? If you feel subtle or intense emotional shift at this time, it may be helpful to pay attention to how your horoscope has been touched by this rare celestial event. 

In your natal chart, do you have a planet or a midpoint on the Aries Point?  If so, what developments could they signify to you?  Feel free to discuss your thoughts and experience through emails or comments…(note to use tight orb, 2 degrees from 0 Cardinal.)

(photo courtesy of Vic Acid in flickr)

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  1. I have Saturn in the 8th – 0º Cancer.

    Square 2º Libra Pluto (11th).

    Pluto rules my Rising Sign, therefore, my relationship axis.

    I hope no one dies :/

    A cousin get married though (Saturn rules 3rd house). And there's some "drama" related to inheritance (from my mother's side). My father is going to the hospital for some exams.

    Sometimes I just don't wanna look at this stuff.

  2. Plus:

    Midpoint: Mercury/Neptune = 1º Libra (conjunct natal Pluto by one degree).

    Hum, the end of some misguided illusions…? I have no clue.

  3. Hello Hiroki,

    Could you explain the siginificance of midpoints, how they might be interpreted in a chart?

    What would the Aries (7th house) point conjunct the DC exactly signify?


  4. This lunar eclipse brought feelings of (I'm going to come up with my own word…I'm a Gem. Rising with Merc. in Gem. so I feel I can LOL!) "OVERWHELMENT" in terms of communications…specifically facebook and emailing and card making (I made 133 this year! I'm pooped mentally!) Wed. brought to mind my first resolution…"LESS FACEBOOK, LESS EMAILS, LESS TV this year and more reading, studying astrology…that's a given and more focusing on me and not "we" and "us" in cyberspace.

    Otherwise, nothing too heavy but yeh, Wed. I was this close to just deactivating my account and going into a cave until '12! I won't go that far but I hope to just get off the dang computer more in '11!

    Let's see how successful I am…I AM AFTER ALL, that Gemini! Check back Jan. 1st '12 and I'll tell you how I did! :D

    MERRY MERRY Hiroki! I've enjoyed your blog for two years now and look forward to reading it in '11…(darn, so much for my LESS COMPUTER time resolution! HAHA!) Hey, EXCEPTIONS will be made, your blog is part of my studies, after all! :D

    Michele in DC!
    *formerly of St. Pete! :(

  5. Hiroki Niizato says:


    Sure hope not!

    Regarding the midpoint, it could be a deepening of imagination.


  6. Hiroki Niizato says:


    If your Descendant is on the Aries Point, then your Ascendant is also on the Aries Point (0 degree of Cardinal sign.)

    So I would look for clues in terms of how your self image and relationships seem to be changing at this time.

    Observe for the next 5-6 months, and feel free to let me know later on if you come across significant events related to your Ascendant axis.


  7. Hiroki Niizato says:


    Thanks for sharing, and enjoying the blog! Hope you had a nice holiday also :)


  8. Anonymous says:

    I have North Node at 29 degree Sagittarius and this was very over-powering, since NN is in 4th house, conjunct my Sun in 4th house too..

    my total shift is to FIND my roots, since the Sign is SAGITTARIUS, I am inclined to make my life/ home SIMPLE and IN_TUNE with UNIVERSAL LAWS– it helps to have Sun in Sag (and Mercury + neptune too), so simplifying and following the eternal wisdom of BEING ROOTED IN TRUTH – True to SELF, TRUE in LOVE and TRUE IN LIFE.. is the BASE– my home is where my heart is.. :-)

    as few months have passed, I feel more and more in-tuned and the FEW people I love, I am ready to FIGHT for them, without any underhand compromise.. wish me LUCK :-)

    lots of love and it is GREAT-SITE :-)


  9. Anonymous says:

    PS; one addition- dont know how significant-

    After that Eclipse, I am loved by two Men who have the PLUTO at 0 degree Libra- so their Pluto is square my NN, (it is a mark of Karmic- Relationship)…

    that started same on the eclipse- now I do not know- which to prefer- so time will tell.. :-)

    I have a feeling one of them will be the one I end up discussing dental problems at the age of 78.. :-)

  10. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Sounds very positive! Good for you :)

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