Letters to a Young Poet by R.M. Rilke – Recommended for Creative People

In response to the 12th house post, someone suggested that Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet” should be a required reading for everyone with the 12th house emphasis – I just started reading it and thought it would be great for anybody creative with a 12th or Neptune emphasis. Here is the web version. Enjoy!

PS: According to Astro Databank’s data, Rilke had Uranus in 12th house – suggesting he found his unique voice through the 12th house solitude…

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  1. Hi Hiroki,

    I’ve read four of the letters so far. This post arrived with absolutely perfect timing for what I needed to hear and remember right now. And yes, I am thoroughly Neptunian, which feels challenging most of the time.

    Thanks much,

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Thanks Leisa,

    Rilke really seems like he knew how to use solitude for his joy, didn’t he?

    Best wishes,

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