Individuation, Graphed

I initially found this graph in Chris Anderson’s book The Long Tail. While totally unrelated to his book, I thought this graph could be used to model the degree of individuation among people. Here is what I found upon this visualization:

  • The higher up you go in the vertical axis, the more individuated you are: you stand out as an unique individual (either good or bad.) There are far fewer leaders than followers. Far fewer criminals than regular citizens. Fewer professional artists than all the artists.
  • As you keep going higher up in the individuation axis, the number of significant actions you take will increase, thereby increasing the total number of successes and failures experienced. For majority of people, everyday is a repetition of yesterday. They don’t do anything significantly different – thus they avoid both the risk of failure and the possibility of success.
  • Astrology works better the higher you go up in the vertical axis, since you’re coming closer into activity. Again, if you are sitting in front of TV eating popcorns, it doesn’t matter if you are Leo or Scorpio. Your individuality only comes to life in action.
  • The higher up you go in the individuation axis, the less stereotypical you will become, and so will your astrology: The stereotypically “negative” aspects, transits and progressions will change their manifestation, and may function at a higher (or more extreme) level.

Conclusion: individuation is more exciting, risky and rewarding. If you stay in the lowest common denominator, you may remain safe, but probably bored and even depressed about not living your unique destiny.

Again, the horoscope looked at this way is a model of what is to come (rather than an explanation of what is.) Let us not use it as an excuse to stay where we are!

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  1. Timothy Neilson says:

    Who decides? Do we really believe that the ‘choice’ of ascent belongs to the individual graced/cursed with sufficient ego strength and drive to persevere? Great post! I struggle with the issue and as I am an ordinary hero in the sense the Foo Fighters sing I will need to simply restring my guitar and have another go! Thanks Hiroki.

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