The Reason to be Alone – a Bird Analogy

I’m blessed with a beautiful natural park near my house with a large lake. There are many species of wild birds that seem to live or hang out there (not sure which, but seems like there are ample fish for them to eat.)

I notice that they usually swim together as a flock, but sometimes one or two of them are swimming alone*, far away from the group. And then sometimes the lone bird cries out loudly. My question was, what is it saying? And why did it choose to be alone?

Not being an expert on birds, here are the possibilities I can think of, with some human analogues:

1) The bird got separated from the group accidentally, and is crying out in order to ask for help. This is the scenario of a helpless person who lost her way in the world, away from the mainstream and realizing that she can’t take care of herself.

The reason this happens could be through environmental factors – like running away from an abusive home (talking about humans here), and/or getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, and/or losing herself in drugs or alcohols, and/or deciding to go away in a spiritual community and then realizing the life wasn’t what she had hoped for.

2) The bird chooses to go separately from the group in order to look for better places to hunt. This is the case of an entrepreneur or an actress who sees some opportunities to stand out above the crowd, to be specially rewarded through his/her individual talent. By choosing a unique path, he/she is willing to take the risk of not finding enough fish to eat (so to speak.)

3) The bird is actually scouting for the group, and his cry is to let others know about a good hunting ground. This is similar to the path of researchers, inventors and scientists that are at the cutting edge of knowledge and will share the breakthrough ideas that will lead to the tribe’s advancement.

4) The bird chose to be separate from the group because it simply likes to be alone. This is the case of a misfit, recluse, wild man/woman or a mystic that finds better comfort in solitude.

….We could go on and on. The point is, there are various reasons that causes the person to choose an individualistic path. Astrologically, #1 seems to have a Neptunian flavor of loss and bewilderment. #2 may be anybody that has special talent (Neptune for artists, or Uranus for individuality, Saturn for the ambitious.) #3 also has a Uranian flavor (with Mercury and/or Mars for intellectuals.) #4 could be Uranian or Neptunian

The horoscope is a tool to identify and affirm our unique individuality and a developmental path we must travel in order to fully be who we are. Sometimes solitude is called for; other times it is toxic. Although the above paragraph is just a generalized musing and not meant to be a personality analysis on a natal horoscope, it may be interesting to think along these lines if you are feeling somehow separate from the mainstream.

*the bird that I’m writing about is not the one on the photo – these big birds are usually found alone. I’m talking about the smaller kind that swim together in a flock of 15~20 or so. For the local readers, this is Taylor park in Largo, FL.

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