How Do You Share? Venus and Social Object

When two or more people are interacting in any relationship, usually there is some shared object (called Social Object) of interest: for example, if you attend an astrology seminar together, astrology becomes the “social object”. If we talk about the 2008 presidential race, that becomes the “social object,” etc. Simply put, social object is a “sharing device” that enables conversation between people to occur (read Hugh MacLeod’s original definition on social object here.)

Astrologically, Venus signs and aspects may reveal HOW we use the social objects to interact; in other words, how we share the experience with others. While we have to account for modifying influences from other planetary placements (especially inner planets and Ascendant), here we explore the archetype of Venus in different signs.

Venus in Fire signs (and perhaps Venus in aspect with Sun or Jupiter) : social object may be used for self expression, to fire up the energy of interaction and bring attention to self – humor, strong opinions, inspiration and enthusiasm (all tending to produce more energy in the conversation, through laughter or excitement) are to be expected.

  • In Aries, we noted that there is a flirtatiousness to test one’s attractiveness. We get the sense that one’s personality is much more fascinating than the social object (actually, talking about one’s personality may often become the social object): Marilyn Monroe, George Clooney, Keira Knightley.
  • In Leo, creative or humorous self expression about the social object (you don’t just tell a story – you tell it YOUR way) works to bring out love and applause from others: Whitney Houston, “Dr. Phil” McGraw, writer O.Henry.
  • In Sagittarius, there may be a need to teach what you know or assert one’s opinion about the social object (“Here is what I know/think about it”): Johnny Carson, Jane Fonda, Charles Schulz, Robert Hand

Venus in Earth signs (or Venus in aspect with Mercury (Earth) or Saturn): social objects are often things to be enjoyed, worked on, or be utilized. Amid this dominant practical orientation, there may be a slight variation:

  • Venus in Taurus may simply delight in the social objects that give pleasure to the senses; pleasure, enjoyment and release of tension may be the preferred mode of relating. Good foods, great work of art or music, giving or receiving massages – you share such experience together simply to enjoy it: Tommy Hilfiger, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Salvador Dali.
  • Venus in Virgo may work on analyzing and improving the social objects through criticism and action(“there is a better way to do this – let’s see if we can fix it”): Dr. Bernie Siegel, John Cage, Goethe. On a more mundane level, a household chore or a project (e.g. remodeling etc.) may become the social object (it is both productive and social.)
  • Venus in Capricorn – social object may often have to do with pragmatic goals one has; utility of interaction may be more important than relating itself: George Patton, Steve Jobs (often described as a slave driver to his employees), Walt Disney (who reportedly has been quite unemotional and withdrawn.)

Venus in Air signs (and Venus in aspect with Mercury (air) or Uranus) naturally likes to inform, discuss and intellectualize about a social object. Unlike Earth sign Venus, it may enjoy interesting conversation for its own sake. Perhaps the natural curiosity this Venus has about people and things will give them access to more information, leading to knowledge of more social object (i.e. you can talk about a lot of different things), leading to more relationships (i.e. popularity), and so on.

  • Venus in Gemini may approach the social object with curiosity, brilliance and wit: documentary maker Ken Burns, Bill Cosby, poet Gary Snyder.
  • Venus in Libra may suggest pleasant, graceful and thoughtful conversation about the social object. It may have a special knack for creating beauty and symmetrical organization (Stephen Arroyo pointed out that this position may correspond to physical beauty, albeit of a cool kind.): Hugh Grant, Prince Charles, T.S. Eliot.
  • Venus in Aquarius may want to share the social object with large group of people, perhaps seeking to be innovative or wanting to do the most good possible for others: Oprah Winfrey, James Joyce, Milton Erickson

Venus in Water signs (or Venus in aspect with Moon, Pluto or Neptune) may need to feel emotionally nurtured through the exchange, so it may seek to share or elicit emotional response from others regarding the social object. We naturally expect deep emotional reaction to the sharing device.

  • Venus in Cancer: it may be reasonable to imagine a nurturing behavior from this placement. Emotions about the social object (shared experience) may become the topic of conversation (“how did the movie make you feel?”). It may be guarded about its own emotions except in very intimate relationships, but may like to hear about others’ emotions all the same: “inner child” therapist John Bradshaw, Carl Jung.
  • Venus in Scorpio is often associated with depth, passion (from the extremes of sexual or religious passion), and sometimes sexual magnetism. There may be a deep motivation and involvement in the social object of choice: Billy Graham, Ozzy Osbourne, Marie Curie,
    Lucky Luciano, Anne Rice (who wrote Interview with a Vampire, and later began to write religious themed books – both very Scorpionic.)
  • Venus in Pisces may interact gently and sensitively with the social object. Social object may be the vehicle to inspire one’s fantasy, creative imagination, or spiritual ideas and ideals: Drew Barrymore, Billie Holiday, Victor Hugo, Shirley MacLaine.

Again, I think modifying influence of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ascendant are great; you may find your own relating style in several different signs described here according to your natal emphasis. While Venus is the archetypal symbol for relating, we interact with the whole of our being, so this is only natural.

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  1. Crystal Pomeroy says:

    Well written, lovely, novel and original approach that expands our understanding of Venus beyond the stereotype of interactions themselves. I’d like to see more on this, how does it work in aspect, etc.
    Crystal Pomeroy

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Dear Crystal,

    Thank you for the kind words! I will definitely keep the request in mind…


  3. Timothy Neilson says:

    Dear Hiroki,

    How LOVELY!!! The juxtaposition of sex and religion with Venus in Scorpio was especially an intriguing and powerful concept.



  4. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Thank you Tim,

    I once dated a Scorpio Venus girl, and she really went through the whole transformation in the 5-6 years I’ve known her…she gave me permission to share her chart so I may write about it more. It is really intriguing, this extreme range.


  5. Kathryn21 says:

    Always love your posts. Thank you for your blog.

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