Harry Potter and the 12 Houses

Harry Potter is the modern fantasy phenomenon akin to the original Star Wars. The richness of the details offered in the 7 books is staggering – I’ll see if I can put some of the items from the story in an archetypal context of the 12 Houses, as metaphors for everyday human experience. Very quickly, here it goes:

  • 1st House answers the question “Who am I?” and how your appearance defines your uniqueness: the Sorting Hat, the Scar, the Dark Mark, Red Hair, etc.
  • 2nd House is about money and what gives you self worth: Harry is rich because of inherited wealth (8th house), Ron isn’t, and he feels a bit ashamed but it doesn’t come between their friendship. Hermione’s wealth is her intelligence, and she knows it.
  • 3rd House is about the brother you hate, the neighborhood you grow up in, broomsticks and fireplaces and flying beasts for traveling around; and of course, studying useful stuff.
  • 4th House is about home and heritage: the question of Blood, pure or otherwise; what your father/mother was like, how you take on after them, how you derive your source of pride and strength from them, or how you strive not to be like them. Different kinds of home – Harry’s, Ron’s; and then Hogwarts also becomes like a home (Alma Mater – “mother”) to be defended.
  • 5th House is about love affairs and sports – Quidditch and various crushes.
  • 6th House is about service animals and servants – House Elves and their slavery issues
  • 7th House is marriages, partners and open enemies – the Dark One destined to fight you, or the one you are supposed to marry. The relationship between best friends.
  • 8th House is the realm of power, death and immortality: To what end do you use your power? The story is filled with various characters meeting different endings, based on the choices they made.
  • 9th House is about the power of the publishing media to change people’s worldview through lies, or the thought of higher education, or the question of moral right or wrong. Racial relationship (not in terms of color, but of species.)
  • 10th House is the authority you have to deal with, respect or despise, comply with or act against. The story provides many kinds of teachers and leadership styles – Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic and the Dark Lord showing different ways of ruling people – through wisdom, laws/propaganda, or fear.
  • 11th House is the group you belong to or be alienated from – throughout the story Harry alternates from being the hero to being a total exile.
  • 12th House is the prison that sucks your soul dry, or the dream that guides you or deceives you, or being hidden and invisible, or the acceptance of sacrifice that paradoxically gives you power.

Feel free to add more details, or play with it in your mind. I’ve gotten a few insights from thinking this way that are applicable to actual horoscope interpretation. If you love the story and have an obsessive memory like me, you’ll probably enjoy the exercise as well.

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