Happiness Project (8) Scorpio New Moon: Elimination & Regeneration

Every month, we’re adding new intentions/activities for our happiness project during the new moon. Feel free to join in and/or set your own new monthly goals!

Scorpio New Moon occurs on November 6th, 2010 at 12:52AM EDT.

If you’re stressed and feel overwhelmed, this will be the month to get things back under control. If you feel stagnant and frustrated in any area of life, this will be the time to gain a fresh inspiration.

…But first, you’ll need to get rid of some things.

Scorpio rules elimination and regeneration – getting rid of old, dead energy in your life, to make space for the new. There are several things to consider this month:

1) Give/throw things away: In a fengshui like fashion, elimination of physical clutter tends to free up more energy within us. You can begin by doing it a little at a time (giving away a few clothes here, throwing away a few old items there.) You may find it hard to stop once you get started – it’s very energizing to fill a large plastic bag with clutters that were filling up your desk or closet.

2) Detoxify your body: If you like to clean out your body periodically, this is a good time to do it. Methods vary a great deal, but lots of fresh fruits & vegetables along with plenty of water might be a good start….And a lot less of sugar and caffeine, if you’re one of those disciplined souls.

3) Let go of self limiting thoughts & behaviors: instead of holding onto negative feelings, see if you can throw them away and replace them with love. Such deep transformation is possible, even in difficult relationship circumstances.


Over time, we tend to accumulate things, thought patterns and beliefs that tend to make us rigid and weigh us down. Whenever we let go of old energies, we feel regenerated and alive.

Are you ready to open yourself to new opportunities in life? What can you do to create more space for the good? Feel free to share your plans…

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  1. O.k., I'll get the ball rolling. Just today fiance and I had a pow wow and cleared the air a bit. Felt good; we both had some things that were troubling us. Nothing major but you know, if you keep it bottled up it BECOMES major!

    I also explained to him that I have Virgo in the 4th house…I need to be organized and clutter=chaos=anxiety for me. He reminded me that he has Gemini in the 4th and ADD so he's not so good about keeping things neat, tidy, in order etc..

    We worked out a game plan where he is going to let me help him get organized. It'll be a win win because he'll know where things are and less stressed and I'll be less anxious because I will no longer be surrounded by his messes!

    As I type this, I'm waiting for him to return with four big plastic bins. I will label them: "donate", "shred", "recycle" and "keep/file" and I'll be happy to help him sort and help him stay on task!

    We will eliminate the flotsam and jetsam and regenerate the stale, untidy "air" of our house and relationship.

    Note: I have Scorpio in the 5th house of fun! And I do think of such activities as fun and a good way to de-stress! Call me crazy! :)

    He has it in the ninth…perhaps he can think of all this purging, filing, tossing, collating as a..um, SPIRITUAL experience?! =D LOL!


  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Wow! Good for you… :) One of my best friends has Virgo on the 4th cusp, and she keeps a very tidy house.


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