Happiness Project (5) Leo New Moon: Living From the Center of Our Being

Every month, we’re adding new intentions/activities for our happiness project during the new moon. Feel free to join in and/or set your own new monthly goals!

New Moon in Leo happens on August 9th, 2010, 11:08PM EDT

Archetypally, Leo is the sign representing both the Inner Child and the King. Ruled by the Sun, it represents our heart. So the symbolism suggests that in order to have the joy and dignity which all human beings deserve, we need to be operating from the center of our being.

This Month’s Intention: To Identify & Live From the Center of My Being

The center of your being is where you feel calm, powerful, and on purpose. You may find it while meditating, walking, writing, learning, taking care of your loved ones, or engaged in creative work. Whatever it is, this is where you’ll get a glimpse of who you really are.

Living from the center of your being really means living straight from the heart. While we lack adequate language to describe what this entails, we can feel qualities such as purposefulness, compassion, enthusiasm and intuition as byproducts of the heart-centered life.

One clarification that may help is that living from the heart does not mean being “an emotional person.” We’re not talking of losing control through anger, fear or depression. On the contrary, such emotions actually indicate malnourished conditions of our heart.

Living from the heart means we know what’s essential to our core happiness as a human being, and we never lose sight of it despite what anyone else says. In this way a purposeful life is possible, where the head and the heart unite as one, and our actions are congruent with our deepest motivations.

To the degree we learn to live from the center of our being, we begin to shine more and more like the Sun. We all know people like this: we like to be around them just to be near their joy, enthusiasm and warmth. If you feel that you’ve been off-center for a while, then this is a fantastic opportunity to come back to the center. Let your light shine…
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