Happiness Project (2): Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon occurs tonight (May 13, 2010.) Continuing with the happiness project from last month, this is a good time to sow more goals & intentions for the month.

Building on Past Month’s New Intentions
Taurus is a sign of the builder, which stabilizes and maintains the new projects pioneered by Aries. If you started with several new intentions during the last new moon, this is a good time to recommit.

Last month my intentions were to: a) Be More Physical, and b) Bite My Tongue.

I’m happy to report that I’ve been quite active physically just about everyday, with a much better walking habit. As a result, I have a lot more energy.

I’ve also been mindful of keeping my mouth shut even when I don’t feel like it. Remembering this intention actually helped me be less offended on the inside as well.

So part of my intention this month will be to maintain these newly acquired good habits.

Developing Security & Stability
Taurus represents security and stability. This means both the Buddha-like internal calm, as well as having financial security (one could hardly argue with the notion that having enough money in the bank contributes significantly to our inner peace.) So this would be a good time to work on developing both.

Bearing this in mind, I have two new intentions for the month:

1) Be Less Touchy
Though I’m pretty easygoing and laid back, I’m still too sensitive in some areas, and others’ comments could hit my nerve unexpectedly. By having this intention to be less touchy at least for one month, I’ll be reminded not to take things personally even if someone criticizes me, or seems angry with me.

2) Worry Less & Be More Grateful About Abundance
Another thing I want to let go is my tendency to worry about things going wrong, be it business or relationships. Instead of worrying and destroying my inner peace, I could increase my sense of stability by being more grateful about all the abundance in my life. I live a truly blessed life, and need to appreciate it more rather than waste it with worry.

Conclusion: Money, Arts & Other Possibilities
Any project or intention that will move you toward increased security & stability will be suitable for a Taurus new moon.

You may also want to consider Venus’ placement in your natal chart to come up with more intentions. My Venus in Sagittarius is located in 9th house, widely conjunct Neptune (a bit of over-sensitivity.) This particular placement could easily tie in with foreign language, educational pursuits, as well as enjoyment from music and art.

More Taurean ideas include learning to spend more/less money depending on which extreme you tend to lean toward. If you tend to overspend, maybe coming up with a monthly saving/investment plan would be in order.

If you tend to underspend, maybe you need to have the intention to go out and buy what you need, whether it’s new clothes or office equipment you’ve been procrastinating on getting.

How did you do with the happiness project from last month (if you played)? As usual, feel free to join in and share your own intentions for the month…

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