Happiness Project (12) Pisces New Moon: Be In The Moment

Every month, I’m adding new intentions/activities for my happiness project during the new moon. Feel free to play along & set your own new monthly goals! 

New Moon in Pisces Occurs on March 4th, 3:46PM EST

During the few days surrounding the Pisces New Moon, you may experience heightened emotional sensitivity in general, as well as an increased need to be alone.  Let’s see why this might be a good thing.

Pisces and Emotional Intelligence

As a result of social conditioning, our ego (represented by Saturn) places a lot of value on “having it all together.”  This leads us to develop discipline and self-control, which are good and necessary qualities.  However, when self-control is cultivated to excess, our psyche goes out of balance: we tend to lose touch with the “right-brain” part of us that is more intuitive and free flowing.

When ego’s tendency to control and discipline goes overboard, we also begin to lose compassion toward “weaker” people that may have less discipline compared to us.  At work and in relationships, this may manifest as an overly controlling and judgmental behavior toward others.  Worse still, as the ego’s lust to control goes unchecked, we gradually begin to lose touch with our feelings altogether.

Each of the 4 mutable signs has to do with a development of a particular kind of intelligence: Gemini the cerebral kind; Virgo the hands-on, detail oriented kind; Sagittarius the intuitive, philosophical kind.  Pisces has to do with the development of what’s known as the emotional intelligence.  This is the unstructured and free flowing “right brain” part of us that can access the feelings within our bodies, as well as instinctive signals from our unconscious that we call “hunches” or “gut-feelings.”

Being in the Moment: Letting Go of the Excessive Need to Control

During this month it may be a good idea to pay more attention to what your body and feelings are trying to tell you.  In order to do this, it’s necessary that we learn to be in the moment rather than anywhere else, such as worrying about the future or brooding about past events.  You may be wondering “How do I do that?”  Here are some ways in which you can practice being in the moment:

  • Practice spontaneous creative activities that forces you to feel rather than think.  Dancing, playing improvised music, writing poetry or just a stream of consciousness journaling that starts with “I feel~.”  Whatever you do, don’t overthink the process – you’re trying to access a different part of your brain separated from your conscious mind.
  • Stop trying to figure everything out.  That’s our ego trying to control the results.  Even though it’s a necessary quality to have, excessive reasoning tends to create worry and not much else.
  • Use your 5 senses: How does the air feel?  The lighting?  What do you smell in the air?  What do you hear?  When you’re fully immersed in your senses, you’re in the moment.  Usually we only stay in the moment for a few seconds at a time before we start analyzing, judging, weighing and figuring things out.  Practice having longer moments where you’re fully present.
  • Meditate.  Turn off TV/internet for a while.

Summary: Messages From The Unconscious

During this month, it’s good to take time to be alone.   By choosing to be with yourself, you’re giving your psyche a chance to regain the necessary balance between the rational and the emotional self.  You may also begin to recognize the existence of emotional wounds that may be in need of healing at this time.

It’s important not to try to fight the emotions that come up during your solitude, since they’re most likely messages from your unconscious, saying that it’s time for you to heal and move on to the next level.

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