Happiness Project (10) Capricorn New Moon: Time to Set Goals

Every month, I’m adding new intentions/activities for my happiness project during the new moon. Feel free to play along & set your own new monthly goals! 

New Moon in Capricorn Occurs on January 4th, 4:03AM EST
For many people reading this blog, Sagittarius’ free-spirited exploration last month may have helped you discover what makes you feel passionate, alive, and happy.  Now the question is, how can we structure our life so that it reflects more of what’s really important to us?  Capricorn New Moon suggests that it’s time to decide and act so that our important values can be realized.

Goal Setting and Action
Maybe you want to be healthier, become more successful at work, or be more peaceful inside.  Whatever it is that you desire, experts agree that it definitely helps to set a concrete, achievable goal (e.g. lose x lbs, exercise x times a week, close xx deals a month, meditate x times a day, etc.)

Most of us know what feels right and important for our happiness.  But frustration and even depression can result from our not taking action toward these things that really matter.  Goals and action plans help us to express our values in practical terms.

The Capricorn part of our psyche does not appreciate people that are “all talk and no action,” including ourselves.  This means there is a price to pay when we renege on our promise, even if it was only made to ourselves – usually in terms of lowered self esteem.

On the other hand, the same Capricorn within us loves honest effort toward worthy goals.  This is perhaps the reason why we feel good about ourselves when we make New Year’s resolutions and work to keep them. 

Conclusion: Decision and Action
How do we keep a goal alive, no matter what?  We need to make a decision to really achieve it, and be ready to recommit even if we fail time and again.  You may notice that really important goals will keep coming back in your mind every year, asking for your courage to decide again, to do and be your best.

I’ve set several goals in different areas, but the biggest one will be to recommit on my spiritual practice.  If you’ve made important decisions for the coming year and want to share, please feel free to post a comment or send me emails.

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  1. Decisions of actions on goals are big so I have a list of action steps towards them. Four pages of them, little details count these days and it may easier for me to achieve them. I have started on the list already and have manifested some of them…amazingly.
    It is letting the Universe know you are serious about your goals that helps you along to achieve.

  2. Paddington Bear says:


    like I mentioned in an earlier comment I'm also working hard on increasing the frequency and commitment to my spiritual practice.

    For me this work started a couple of years ago, and I've grown a lot since then, preparing to get myself ready to do this.

    Late summer and autumn have been beneficial to this, and I've managed to keep up 1 session per day on most days. Now I'm going to go for 3 times a day, plus an additional larger meditation every full moon with prep work starting at the new moon.

    Are you following specific teachings?

  3. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Jenn: very nice! Thank you for sharing about the action steps.

  4. Hiroki Niizato says:


    All the best to your practice! Yes, I do follow a particular teaching from the East, and try to meditate a couple of times daily.

  5. New Moon in Capricorn? New Years' Day? Nah, I didn't wait…as soon as Dec. 26th hit, I pretty much hit the ground running with a major reorg of our home! I also made intentions to meditate every day (or try to…even if it was just 10 mins.) and start juicing again (I got lazy after three months of doing it every day, last year.) I already exercise so that wasn't a problem. But when New Moon in Cap. actually hit, I did WRITE DOWN all my intentions to REMIND myself to stick to what I wanted to accomplish this year (keeping fiance organized, staying in shape, meditating, eating better etc…)

    Time will tell how well I did with my intentions!

  6. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Hi Michele,

    Good for you! I had to smile at "keeping fiance organized" :)

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