Eating Healthy & Some Horoscope Analogy

Our body, just like our mind, works better if we feed it holistically. It is interesting that craving for sweet things is rarely satisfied by eating more of them. By introducing different taste and (natural) color to your menu, the body starts to get what it needs and stops being addicted to something that doesn’t work.

Ayurveda teaches that there are six tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent, and astringent. The traditional Ayurvedic cuisine tries to include all six tastes in their meal, whereas in America the typical menu only has sweet, sour and salty tastes in them.

Vegetables come with different colors, representing different spectrum of Sun’s light – red, purple, orange, yellow, green etc…These suggest that they each have different things to offer our bodies. You don’t need to eat all variety every time, but it’s important that the body is fed with enough variety of food from the vegetable kingdom over the course of a week.

When the body doesn’t get enough of what it needs, it naturally raises hunger signals to the brain in an attempt to get the missing nutrients. Unfortunately, we often think this means we have to keep eating more the same thing, even though this will not solve the problem. Hence we could say that America’s problem with obesity is actually a problem of nutritional deficiency and poor food variety.

When is the last time you ate a handful of organic parsley or a yellow bell pepper in your salad? You might be surprised how different your body feels when given what was missing. You don’t need to eat a lot of it, but you do need to eat some.

This thinking applies in astrology too…If we’re too obsessed in one area of life (relationship, for instance), you begin to imagine that one area (i.e. better relationship) will solve all of your problems, which puts a lot of pressure on the other person.

Holistic approach to the horoscope means you look at the entire chart to see if some areas are not getting enough nutrients (i.e. attention and effort.) This can also happen in a planetary sense – like someone liking their Venus too much and doesn’t want to take hold of her Saturn – so she is relationship obsessed but feels powerless in the world, etc.

In this case, she may think that more relationship activities are going to solve her unhappiness, but really she may need to start working toward manifesting her creativity, career empowerment, spirituality, curiosity toward education or international travel, or whatever else that her chart suggests (who knows, she might even find her soulmate while exploring and nurturing her other needs.)

Some of the “other needs” may not seem like “needs” in that they don’t feel all that enjoyable (Saturn, for instance, is about work, effort and responsibility – not too much sweetness there), but like eating parsley, you’ll get used to it and start liking the bitterness of it, and what it does to your overall self.

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