The Cost of Being Driven – Mars and Migraines

I was watching an interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup, where she talked about how migraine headaches can be related to personality issues. She was specifically referring to a perfectionistic, driven approach to life that can contribute to migraine and other symptoms.

What happens when you are driven

According to Dr. Northrup, when you are driven, you suppress or disconnect from your feelings, and totally focus on getting this thing done. This is necessary and even desirable when you are performing surgeries or managing crisis (where emotional reaction may get in the way of efficiency.)

During your “driven” phase, your adrenaline and cortisol level goes up (I’d imagine this is similar to having a “Fight or Flight” response.) This can be damaging especially when you learn to live in this driven state for most of your waking hours – as most type-A workaholics do.

“Migraine is just a beginning,” she said.

Astrologically we’re no doubt speaking of Mars (adrenaline) as the instigator of this drive to accomplish things. Without it, not much gets done and we become apathetic. But when Mars takes the driver’s seat and achievement becomes a constant obsession, we disconnect from emotional functions such as Moon or Venus, with the aforementioned physical consequence.

The fact that women tend to suffer from migraines 3 times as much as men implies that for women living in today’s world, the consequence of suppressing her emotional Moon-Venus complex is far more serious.

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  1. Cornelia says:

    Oh my, how appopriate that I should read this article just after taking a migraine pill! I have Moon/Mars conjunct in the 10 with Mars ruling the midheaven. Saturn in the 6th will see to it that I work myself to death if I’m not careful, and Mars is the driving force that keeps me going. If you check your ephemeris for the time I posted this comment, you’ll find the moon just entered Taurus, crossing my midheaven today. I was going to say that I find when the transiting moon conjuncts my MC that I get migraines! As far as supressing my feelings for the sake of determined type A workaholic personality, I find that challenging with the moon Mars conjunct. And that would influence my intution which I feel helps me in my astrological practice…if it could be done with the moon/mars conjunct. Thank goodness for progressions! Love your blog, so glad I stopped by!

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:


    Thanks for the kind words! It’s fascinating to hear about the transiting Moon’s trigger, and how that relates to the natal Moon-Mars conjunction.

    As I recall, Wayne Dyer also has Moon-Mars conjunct. Feel better? :)

    Thanks for stopping by,

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