Can Astrology Tell When You’ll Suffer Rejection?

Several months ago, I was working with my life coach about some issues I had around rejection. In our work she helped me realize that pretty much all of the pain was self-created, and in most cases it wasn’t a rejection at all, but perceived as such.

“No” is not a rejection
Whether in relationships or career development, we’re bound to hear “no” sometimes, i.e. someone you really like are interested in someone else, or a position you really want gets filled by someone else. The thing is, many times we go through several “no-s” before succeeding in finding the right partner or the right position.

Consider a case of a successful car salesman – how many customers must he make his pitch for before someone buys a car? In this case, he obviously doesn’t take the “no” personally, and just moves on to sell to someone else. In the span of one day he may go through 10 no-s but sell 2-3 cars, and go home happy and elated because he was so “successful.”

It’s a little tougher to not take “no” personally when it’s about marriage and love relationships – we tend to feel rejected if someone we lived with for a long time says they don’t want to be with us anymore, etc. But again, we see that successful people usually don’t make the “no” to mean something is wrong with them.

So rejection isn’t a matter of someone saying no, but about our own self worth: if we feel worth “less” because someone said no to you, then we’ve created that pain by judging ourselves and making the rejection personal.

“It wasn’t a rejection at all, because it wasn’t about you,” my coach told me.

Astrology of Rejection, Recession etc.
So my thesis is that you don’t see rejection coming up in astrological transit, progression etc, but what you’ll see is the time where your self worth will be challenged. Among other things, this would be the time where 2nd house significator (i.e. planetary ruler or planets in 2nd house), and perhaps Venus, will receive tension from the transiting/progressed planets.

Consider the recession going on, and relate it to the 2nd house significators of your chart – doesn’t it challenge your sense of self worth if your income has suddenly gone down (or vanished, if your company shut down)? But does it mean you’ll end up jobless during this period of time? Of course not – you keep finding ways to survive.

In this example, you’ll go through as many “no-s” as necessary before you’ll find work. In the process, you’ll feel more confident, because you’ve proven it to yourself that you can overcome the challenges (the “no-s” of life) and produce the outcome you wanted.

So astrology doesn’t show rejection per se, but rather it shows a time of opportunity for you to reevaluate your sense of self worth, which brings up hidden insecurities so that they may be released.

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  1. >So my thesis is that you don't see rejection coming up in astrological transit, progression etc, but what you'll see is the time where your self worth will be challenged.

    I think this is a great way to look at difficult transits, and it really articulates what I've been thinking better than I've been able to. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Thank you very much.

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