Barack Obama Natal Chart Analysis Using 7:24PM Time

Since the birth certificate for Barack Obama is finally out (despite a number of people voicing their doubt about the authenticity of it), it’s probably time to take a look at his chart again. The actual rectification would involve the study of major events in his life and correlating it to Angular transits and Solar Arcs. Here I’m just starting the process with the natal and vocational analysis.


1)Western Hemisphere emphasis suggests giving of self to others, sometimes too much so.

2)Sun in Leo in 6th, ruling the 7th: The energy to be recognized by the public, through work and service. The need for public recognition and service is accentuated through the Angular position of the Sun, also being the co-final dispositor of the horoscope.

3)Moon in Gemini ruling the 6th house: the need to communicate about work and service. The Moon’s communicative need uses the theatrical energy of the Leo Sun, making him a dramatic public communicator. The Moon is further elevated through its contact with the Midheaven.

4)Aquarius rising further accentuates the need to help others through innovative ideas directed to all. Uranus, the ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant, is peregrine (ptolemically unaspected), which makes this need a dominating factor of the horoscope.

5)Saturn Retrograde suggests passive or absent father figure; Uranus conjunct the Nodal axis further suggests the important influence of the maternal figure – perhaps in shaping him to be the intellectual humanitarian. We know that Obama’s parents divorced when he was two, and his grandmother (his mother’s mother) is a crucial figure in his development (Obama referred to her as the person that made him who he is today.)

6)Jupiter conjunct Saturn almost always suggests the need for a higher purpose in life.

7)The peregrine Venus in Cancer is at the Aries Point: this is the public charm; a grandly projected image of caring for the weak. It is astonishing how important this placement is in softening Obama’s public image.

Summary: Much of his horoscope suggests his need to be recognized as the humanitarian, the public servant. This is the reward he seeks (Jupiter in Aquarius.) He attacks the inadequacy of the status quo through his analytical intellect (Mars in Virgo), and can communicate this to all in an effective, dramatic manner (Gemini Moon, Leo, Aquarius.) His diplomacy and the consistent tone of caring for the weak and helpless (Venus in Cancer at Aries Point) endears him to the public. In short, he is one heck of a charismatic leader.

Vocational Analysis: I’m going to take it step-by-step so you can see my thinking process. If you’re interested in the method, you can study it through Noel Tyl’s book “Vocations*.”

1)Midheaven is ruled by Pluto (suggesting big business, including the government.) Pluto also rules the 9th house of internationalism, academia, law and publishing – all of which are relevant in his career.

2)Pluto contacts Moon, ruler of 6th. Moon is also in contact with the MC, suggesting public service.

3)Pluto is disposited by Mercury, and Mercury contacts Jupiter. Both Mercury and Jupiter contact MC: this brings “writing” strongly into the picture (whenever you see Mercury and Jupiter involved with the MC and in the dispositorship routing, you jot down this possibility.)

4)Mercury is disposited by the Sun ruling the 7th, a final dispositor. This is a strong statement of public communication (7th house suggests public.) The Sun is quindecile Saturn in 12th, ruling the 12th, a co-final dispositor (in Capricorn.) This emphasis on Saturn and the 12th house, along with Pluto, suggests strongly a government administration.

Summary: a need to help the public through laws and government administration. A need to write and communicate dramatically, in order to innovate and foster social progress (Uranus peregrine.)

The horoscope sings pretty well about who Obama is and what drives him. Now I’ll either find someone that will do the rectification work, or do it myself and post it sometime.

*as a study aid to the book, you can also visit – there he has a discussion forum, where he does an exercise every Thursday in which anyone can participate and learn. It’s impossible to teach this in a single web page, so we have to go the long way and buy a book. It’s worth it if you want to help people (or yourself) know what they are good at.

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