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Relocation Astrology: What You Can Learn from Where You Live

relocation astrology

Basics of Relocation Astrology 

Your natal chart is a map of the sky at the time of your birth, at the location of your birth. Relocation chart is your horoscope created for the time of your birth, but at a different location.

Relocated charts reflect experiences and lessons you tend to attract in a given location. Rather than your natal chart being activated through passage of time, relocation astrology studies how it’s activated through movement in space (i.e. location).


How to Create a Relocation Chart

You can create a relocated horoscope by setting the “birth location” to a city of your choice, but keeping the birth time accurate (i.e. input your actual birth time adjusted for the local time zone of the new location).


Interpreting a Relocation Chart

Angles are Important

The most important factors in relocated charts are the new Angles (ASC, MC). If your relocation chart has planets (or midpoints) conjunct an Angle, the energy of those planets (or midpoints) will be expressed strongly in that location.

For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger (both a Hollywood star and a former governor of California) has an extremely powerful relocation chart for Los Angeles (view relocated chart).

You’ll see that Schwarzenegger’s Jupiter conjoins the relocated MC (i.e. career success). His Venus conjoins the relocated Descendant (i.e. popularity with the public), and his Saturn and Pluto both square the relocated MC (i.e. acquiring political power).

The relocated chart clearly seems to suggest that Schwarzenegger was meant to succeed in California.


Planets on a Relocated Angle

Conjunction with a relocated Angle (Ascendant-Descendant or Midheaven-IC) is the most powerful pattern you can observe in a relocation chart.

Here are some guidelines for interpretation. These guidelines will apply if you have a planet making other aspects to relocated Angles (squares are especially powerful), although the effects of other aspects may be a bit weaker than conjunctions.


Sun conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Being Recognized”

Sun represents the energy of self-expression, and Angular placement brings it forward. In this location, you have the potential for being in the spotlight. A stay in this area may help you gain more confidence with your creative self-expression.

In addition, if the Sun is conjunct relocated IC, a bulk of your energy may be expressed within your home and family.


Moon conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Emotional Fulfillment”

In this location, you’re likely to give priority to fulfilling your Moon sign’s needs (i.e. Moon in fire signs seeks ego recognition, whereas an Air sign Moon may seek social interaction and intellectual stimulation, etc.)

Moon represents your emotional needs. Here, you may also find it easier to establish emotional connection with others and, perhaps most importantly, yourself. Family might be an important factor in this location as well.


Mercury conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Accelerated Thoughts”

This is an important location, as Mercury represents both learning and communication – two key skills in most careers. Here, you may find that your perception and communication skills “connect” with others you work with.

You may find learning of all kinds to be emphasized while in this area. You might also discover your talent for speaking, writing or any other forms of communication. Granted, if your Mercury is under high tension, such learning may not come easily – but learn you will!


Venus conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Relationship Lessons”

In this area, you tend to find connection with others more important. Being with others and learning about yourself through your relationships become the primary focus.

The relationship lessons suggested by your natal Venus will most likely find expression in this location, if you choose to move here. Another interesting phenomenon is that sometimes you get into relationships with people who are from this location.


Mars conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Driven to Succeed”

Mars is the energy of motivation and drive, and you’ll find plenty of both in this location. There is another facet of the Mars archetype, which is “survival,” that might become an issue here.

In this area, you tend to feel a sense of hunger for what you seek – success, knowledge, skills, or anything else. Hunger leads to action, so you have the potential to make a lot of progress in this location.


Jupiter conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Abundance of Opportunities “

You see possibilities for growth everywhere in this area, on multiple levels (financially, socially, or spiritually.)

There may be a sense of “seeing a bigger picture” through career promotion or higher learning. You tend toward optimism in this area, most likely to your benefit.


Saturn conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Accepting Responsibility”

As we move on to slower planets, things get more serious. Outer planet conjoining a relocated Angle suggests that you’ll experience lasting personal change in that area.

If Saturn conjoins a relocated Angle, it means you’ll have serious “growing up” to do in that area. This usually means taking on a new responsibility, perhaps even a position of authority in this location.

Here you may be forced to confront and overcome your personal weaknesses, which will considerably strengthen your character. As you develop your maturity and wisdom, you’ll be trusted with greater responsibility here.


Uranus conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Rediscovering Yourself”

Uranus represents the process of innovation and change. Uranus on a relocated Angle suggests that you will find a new way to express yourself, personally and professionally, as you stay in this area.

Here, you may find new life direction, as well as rediscover parts of your personality that have been long forgotten. In this location, you give yourself permission to depart from long established patterns of thoughts/behaviors, and explore new ways of being “you.”


Neptune conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Trusting Your Intuition”

If you’re a creative or intuitive person, your refined sensitivity will find productive expression here. Whether you choose to work in fine arts, science or mathematics, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this area.

Even if you’re not feeling particularly creative, you may have opportunities to refine your sensitivity in this location, perhaps through romance or spirituality. The alternative is to ignore your sensitive inner voice, and as a result feel confused and disconnected.


Pluto conjunct relocated ASC or MC: “Being Empowered”

This location has powerful implications. As Pluto symbolizes both power and its extreme uses, a stay in this location will offer you lessons in personal power.

Here, you may have to face questions such as: How do you give your power away to others? How much passion are you hiding beneath your psychic basement? Or: How do you use (or abuse) power?

On a professional front, you may find yourself entrusted with a lot of power and resources. People may trust you with important things, whether it is money, health or information. How you handle such trust will have a powerful impact on the community you’re in.


More Complex Interpretations of a Relocation Chart

To fully appreciate the potential of a relocation chart, you’ll need to connect it with your natal horoscope. While a complete analysis of a relocation chart is a subject too large for this article, here is one guiding thought:


Relocated chart can emphasize a particular configuration in your natal chart (through contact with relocated Angles), bringing it forward into the eyes of the public.


Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger’s power packed Saturn-Pluto conjunction (extreme discipline, extreme power), coming into focus in the LA relocation chart through its square with relocated MC.

This means your natal chart already shows your potential, but the relocated chart may suggest a location where such potential could be fully realized.



Relocation astrology shows us another way in which the potential within your natal chart can be fulfilled. If transit activates your natal potential through passage of time, relocation activates the natal potential through movement within space.


Do you live far from your place of birth?   How does your relocation chart look? Do you have interesting (relocation astrology) stories to share about the places you’ve lived in the past? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

Mars Jupiter Aspect: Fortune Favors the Bold

mars conjunct square opposite jupiter


In astrology, Mars represents how you need to act in order to be effective.  Your Mars reveals the style that best suits you in achieving your goals.  If you’re a fighter (just to give you a metaphor), then your Mars determines your fighting style (e.g. frontal assault or psychological tactics.)

Jupiter represents enthusiasm, expansion and reward.  Mythologically, Jupiter is the king among gods.  In your psyche, it’s the part of you that is bold, proud and unafraid to be in the spotlight.

If your Jupiter forms an aspect with Mars (especially conjunction, square or opposition), then you need to act boldly and enthusiastically, while constantly expanding into new fields.


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Mercury Uranus Aspect: Innovative Ideas

Mercury conjunct square opposite Uranus


mercury uranus aspect


Mercury rules ideas, communication and information.  Mercury isn’t necessarily “the way you think and talk”, but its position and aspect in your natal chart suggests how you need to think and communicate in order to be effective.

Aspects to Mercury can modify what your mind needs in order to feel confident (e.g. Saturn aspecting Mercury suggests a need for practical, structured thought).  No planet is inherently negative or positive, so it helps to explore both possibilities when looking at your Mercury aspect.

uranus mercury aspect


Uranus rules technology, revolution and humanitarian movement.  Uranus is a symbol of future unfolding in front of us.

Uranus disrupts the stagnant status quo by encouraging progress.  When your planet is touched by Uranus, it tends to become highly active (‘electrified’) within your psyche.

What happens when Mercury and Uranus meet?



Mercury is naturally curious and enjoys new information, but Uranus brings its tendency to a new level.  Uranus conjunct, square or opposite Mercury fires up the mind’s drive for learning and discovering novel ideas.

At the positive end of the spectrum, Mercury Uranus aspect can suggest that you have the mind of an inspired scientist that loves experimenting with new ideas and come up with new ways of doing things.

The tendency to experiment with new ideas can be applied to any field.  Here are some examples:Keep Reading >>

Moon Pluto Aspect: Emotional Transformation

Moon Pluto conjunction square opposition


This article is relevant if you have a natal Moon Pluto aspect, or are going through a transit Pluto Moon aspect. It’s also for mothers who have a child with natal Moon Pluto conjunction, square or opposition.


Moon Pluto aspect mother relationship


If your natal Moon conjuncts, squares or opposes Pluto, then Plutonian qualities will enter into your lunar bonds (e.g. your relationship with your parents, spouse and children). Let’s look at a few examples, both positive and negative, of how this can look like in a mother-child relationship:


Pluto’s lesson is in learning how to wield power and influence over others. During childhood, this lesson often involves seeing a shadow form (a negative expression) of the use of power in your parents (the mother in this case).

A Moon Pluto aspect may suggest that your mother was very controlling, and didn’t honor your emotional needs. The control could have been overt (e.g. a dominant, smothering mother), or subtle (e.g. control through guilt or manipulation).

Growing up with such a mother could be taxing for your confidence, as you may feel powerless against her will.

If this applies to you, it’s possible that your mother still wields a great deal of power over you. Then your lesson might be to start honoring your own emotional needs, despite how your mother may react.

However, it’s important to note that not all Plutonian mothers are like this.


There are many mothers who embody positive Plutonian qualities, such as self awareness and psychological insights.

These mothers learned how to wield their own power without having to control others. They influence their children through sharing of knowledge and insights, rather than through criticism.

If this describes your mother, then you’ve seen the positive potential of your Moon Pluto aspect.



When someone with a powerful Moon walks into a room, it changes the mood of everyone. This dynamic works in both directions (positive and uplifting, or tense and depressing). If you have Moon conjunct, square or opposition Pluto, you have the potential to wield this kind of emotional influence. The question is, how consciously will you be able to use it?Keep Reading >>

Sun Saturn Aspect: Tap into Your Strength

sun saturn aspect conjunct square opposition




If Sun and Saturn form a hard aspect in your horoscope, Saturn (work, achievement) is inexorably tied to your life purpose (Sun). This means you’re here to develop Saturnian qualities such as self-discipline, integrity and focus in order to accomplish your goals.

Sun is Life Energy, and Saturn is Focus (which is a flip side of Saturn’s keyword ‘limitation’).  Your power comes from focusing your energy toward a goal, or purpose.

With those who have a natal Sun Saturn aspect, there seems to be an instinctive understanding that anything worth accomplishing in life takes focused effort. Even from a young age, you may see these people display serious ability to concentrate once they find something to fascinate them.Keep Reading >>

Mars Retrograde 2016 – Don’t Stop Evolving

mars retrograde 2016


During 2016, Mars retrograde period occurs during April 18th – June 29th.

The affected degree areas in your horoscope are (in reverse order): 08 Sagittarius – 23 Scorpio. If you have planets or angles within this zone, the above period will have more significance to you.


During the 2-year orbit of Mars, there is a period of several months where – observed nightly – Mars appears to be moving in reverse of his usual direction.  This is called Mars retrograde period.  If you were born during Mars retrograde period, you’ll see a little ‘Rx’ or just ‘r’ marking by your natal Mars symbol in your natal chart.

In this article we’ll focus on transiting Mars retrograde, which will be significant regardless of your natal Mars being direct or retrograde.


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Sun Neptune Aspect: Realizing Your Creative Vision

Sun Neptune conjunct square opposition


In astrology, Sun symbolizes your life direction – its placement suggests which way your journey toward self-actualization is likely to take you.

Neptune opens your awareness to creative vision and social/spiritual ideals.  A strong Neptune in a horoscope often suggests an ability to “see” goals or solutions with vivid clarity – it’s a bit like having a second sight.

If Sun and Neptune form an aspect in your chart, your self-expression and life goals must include creativity and vision for you to find fulfillment.  However, this is not to say it’ll happen naturally – like any solar journey, there will be challenges and pitfalls along the way before you reach your potential.



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Moon Uranus Aspect: Reinventing Yourself

Moon Uranus conjunct square opposition


In astrology, Moon represents your innermost needs and feelings. Some astrologers think of the Moon as the soul, containing all your memories, desires, and your primal connection with your mother and the home.

Natal Moon aspects are highly personal – you tend to feel the energy of the aspecting planets deeply from a young age.  You get attuned to the energy of the planet aspecting the Moon – it becomes familiar, like the comfort you may feel from your mother and your childhood home.

In many ways, Moon represents the comfort of your roots, of your past.  Knowing your emotional roots helps you to know who you are.

In contrast to Moon’s sense of rootedness in one’s past, Uranus archetype contains the energy of tomorrow.  Not tomorrow as a continuation of yesterday and today, but as a threshold that opens into the unexpected, the unknown.  It represents endless possibilities for change and new ideas, but also threatens to disrupt the comfortable patterns and routines established in the past.

How do these two vastly different archetypes interact, both natally and in transit?


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Venus Pluto Aspect: Transformation through Relationships

Venus Pluto conjunct square opposition


In astrology Pluto symbolizes depth, transformation and empowerment.  Pluto’s location in your natal chart can represent an entrance into the unconscious, where repressed psychic materials (the Jungian shadow) are stored.

Venus represents relationships and aesthetic needs.  Its placement in your horoscope suggests how you need to relate to others in order to be socially effective.

An aspect between Venus and Pluto (especially conjunction, square or opposition) brings these two archetypes together. If you have a natal Venus Pluto aspect, or you’re experiencing a Pluto Venus transit, your relationship may unearth powerful emotions that have been buried inside you for a long, long time.

In what possible ways can Venus Pluto aspect manifest, and what are some constructive ways to utilize it?

Venus Conjunct Square Opposition Pluto – Possible Manifestations

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