Astrology and Work – Importance of the Moon

Nothing feels more dehumanizing than the suppression of our core emotional needs within our environment, but this seems to be happening a lot at the modern workplace. So many people have told me from their experience that corporations do not care about the needs of individual workers – rather, they want a replaceable cog that fits in the business machinery.

Most likely there is some truth to the above sentiment – so what are we to do? One thing is clear: if we do not care about our unique needs and talents, no one else will either. In the environment where numbers and results (rather than the quality of human experience) are considered to be the supreme goal, human qualities that are not immediately relevant to the bottom line improvement of the business tend to be devalued.

While vocational astrology is a very advanced art that takes years of practice to get better at (start with Noel Tyl’s Vocations, a definitive text on his highly reliable method), here we will consider the most basic needs of our natal Moon*, and how its needs are best honored in our workplace:

Moon in Aries: “the need to be important, to be Number One”: would the workplace give opportunities to fulfill this need through focus on leadership, competition or individual achievement? Since the importance of the individual has to be given its due, the work has to confer the sense of one’s importance somehow (this is applicable for other Fire signs – Leo and Sagittarius.)

Moon in Taurus: “The need to preserve security; to keep things as they are, or as they should be”: there is a sense of idealism that needs to be fulfilled at work – it may be the vision of harmonious achievement through cooperation, or a vision of how things (business, organization, country, etc) should be run. It could lead to a patient effort at making the ideals come true, or a stubborn control according to one’s vision. Other planetary placement would modify what the “ideal” stands for.

Moon in Gemini: “The need to be bright, clever, informed, intense, and scintillating.” The intellectual and communicative need of this Moon is easily applied in most workplace – the key to fulfillment for this Moon may be the freedom to pursue one’s own mental interest.

Moon in Cancer: “The need to feel emotionally secure.” Here the need may be to emotionally connect with people. This could take the form of a helping profession, but could take other forms such as a supervisor that takes good care of his subordinates, or a customer service person that takes great pleasure in helping the customers; the applicability is endless as long as there are people you can connect with.

Moon in Leo: “The need to be loved, respected, and honored.” We sense the need for importance and creative self expression. This could take the form of a performer, but also just a great boss or a coworker with a great sense of humor and warmth, etc.

Moon in Virgo: “The need to be correct, exact, and insightful.” We sense the need to convey information that matters, or to give out knowledge and skills that are helpful.

Moon in Libra: “The need to be appreciated; to be fair, attractive, and popular.” There is a sense of aesthetics, idealism and pleasant interaction. This could relate directly to the work (i.e. artistic work or helping others); but this can also be a person that enjoys being popular at work for his/her personality.

Moon in Scorpio: “The need to be in control, be regarded as deep, significant, right, reliable, and self sufficient.” There is a need for significance based on one’s position, or one’s work (i.e. helping others, or making a difference in other ways.)

Moon in Sagittarius: “The need to have one’s opinions respected.” There is often a need to teach, or otherwise have a place for asserting one’s opinions.

Moon in Capricorn: “the need to administrate progress; to make things happen.” The deeply practical orientation of this Moon is applicable in most workplace. There is willingness to work hard in order to accomplish and be productive.

Moon in Aquarius: “Need to be socially significant, unusual” There is often a need to help others. This seems to be a rather reliable vocational signature, so we can ask the person with this Moon “How do you help others?”

Moon in Pisces: “Need to identity the ideal, understand impressions, work with the intangible.” This is another deeply idealistic Moon, with a sense of aesthetics or inspiration. The challenge is to bring intuition and creativity to work in a productive way.

So we see that most Moon placement doesn’t indicate a specific line of job by itself, but it suggests a basic need that must be honored if we are to be happy in our work.

*The words in quotes are from Noel Tyl’s Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology, page 76 in the first edition.

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Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. Hiroki is a highest honor graduate of the demanding Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology by Noel Tyl.

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  1. WOW! Worth remembering this info while studying charts… what a well-spring of knowledge and insight in the overall reading of one’s chart. Thank you and I LOVE your stuff!

  2. So true for my moon in leo…I worked as a trainer for some time and it was great working with a group of students who when appreciated my teaching style, i felt so good about doing my job well. Also, I used to be happy on receiving positive feedback from my past students about how much the knowledge and skills I had taught them was helping them in their work. That was so emotionally satisfying.

  3. As a Moon in Pisces in 12th, this article certainly speaks my experience as a mental health worker. While I have tremendous compassion and empathy for the suffering of my clients; I struggle relentlessly with staying separate, and often feel Im drowning in the pain of others. Working up close and personal with the cruelties and harsh realities of life every day, more often feels like anguish than “loving service”. And now I have some insight as to why… My work offers no opportunities for Idealism, Aesthetics, Inspiration or Creativity as you suggest. Geez… where to from here… Art school? :)

    • Helping others is an expression of the idealism, but sounds like you’re realizing a need for another (or additional) way to help others that utilizes more of your creative potential.

  4. YEllowSTar says:

    I have Virgo Sun and Aries Moon but i dont see myself giving that much importance of being number one. In my case Aries Moon comes forward when someone threatens to disrupt routine. It also influences verbal criticism toward other people, like saying before thinking or impulsiveness. To be honest with Aries Moon i dont feel like being traditional Virgo guy. Could it be because Virgo and Aries signs naturally make quintile aspect?

    • Hi there, Aries and Virgo makes a natural quincunx aspect (not quintile). They are naturally incompatible energies, so it takes adjustments to make both energies work well together. All the same, the need to be important remains!

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