Astrological Meditation: On the Quality of the Moment

“Anything born in the moment of time carries the quality of that moment” 
Carl Jung (1875-1971), famous Swiss psychologist who privately used astrology for over 25 years.

This famous quote illustrates the basis of why we cast a horoscope for the birth of our body, relationship, business, nation, etc.  The beginning of each significant event carries myriads of potentials that are reflected in the horoscope of that time.  Through the study of the birth chart of any event, we gain insights into the “quality of that moment” in human terms.

Consider the moment when a significant event or a relationship began in your life (e.g. a move, a new position, a birth of a child, etc.)  Did it coincide with an important transit or Solar Arc measurement?  This question is important, not to prove astrology, but to help you consider the significance of that particular event or relationship in terms of that transit or Solar Arc.

If we follow the line of thought provided by Jung’s quote, we can infer that such event or relationship would carry the quality of the transit or Solar Arc you were experiencing at that time.  Consider the following case example:

A Case of a Sudden Job Loss – Where Astrology Told a Different Story

A man suddenly lost his job while experiencing transiting Uranus quindecile Pluto.  At that time he said something like “I don’t know what happened.  I was having the best month ever in my career.  It was so unfair!”

While such reaction is completely understandable, the astrology of the moment (illustrated by the powerful transit of Uranus quindecile Pluto, along with a couple of other measurements) suggested  that there was a quality of intensified independence, coupled with demand for empowerment to this significant event.

What happened was that the job loss led this man to throw all of his energy into his then-part-time business that was his passion.  After a couple of months of hard work, he was able to increase his income to where it was before the layoff, only this time he was doing what he loved full-time, working for himself.

Consider the level of independence and empowerment he must feel from undergoing such transformation!  Astrology clearly suggested this possibility at the moment the transition began, in the guise of a job loss.  He took the opportunity with courage, and made it happen.  What a story, eh?

Summary: Astrological Meditation of the Current Moment

Even when an event looks one way from a “normal” perspective, it’s worth contemplating if the astrological symbolism of that event is suggesting a rather different possibility.  Are you going through an important change in your life right now?  Is there a corresponding astrological transit or Solar Arc that would provide a supporting, or alternative, perspective?  Please feel free to share through emails or comments.

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