Aquarius Archetype: Going Beyond Old Boundaries

The ruler of Aquarius is the sky god Uranus, the Lord of All Space. Hence the path of growth for the Aquarian psyche is to move beyond boundaries of all types.

Mythology of Uranus
In ancient mythology, Saturn castrated Uranus in order to rule the earth: by cutting through the boundless space, Saturn created numberless boundaries such as age (generation), nation, religion and race.

The cut-off genital of Uranus dropped into the sea to create Venus, goddess of peace and beauty: this suggests that the origin of peace and creativity comes from beyond the boundaries created by Saturn.

Aquarius in Your Horoscope
Keeping the myth in mind, any planet located in Aquarius will be called to see beyond the personal or cultural boundaries. Whenever the Aquarian planet is transited by the heavy hitters (Saturn through Pluto), some assumptions may need to be questioned:

  • Venus in Aquarius: Question your assumption of what’s possible in love or finances. Is your parents’ experience the basis for your expectation of how well you’ll do in relationships or finance? Do you need to widen or shorten your list of possible friendships? Is it about time to choose new kinds of relationships?
  • Mercury or Jupiter in Aquarius: Question what you know & believe in. Is it possible to expand your skill and knowledge? How about a more liberated understanding of spirituality? Do you need to think bigger about the possible reward you can receive?
  • Mars in Aquarius: Question your self interest. Does personal concerns of “me & mine” dominate your daily life? Is there a desire to reach out, to help others? Can you find a way to help out?
  • Saturn in Aquarius: Question your ambition and authorities. In any life area, you may have accepted a certain view from an authority in that field (your father, boss, teacher, minister etc) that “this is what you should be doing.” Does the perspective still hold, or is it stifling your growth? Do you need to set new goals?
  • Sun or Moon in Aquarius: Question yourself. Who am I? Who am I for? Am I really right in the position I’ve taken? Is there a way I could be contributing in a better way?

Allow for a Time of Confusion
What tends to happen in times of crisis is that these questions will naturally arise, and then a period of deep confusion sets in. Aquarius is a fixed air sign: it makes decisions slowly, and then will hold on to it for as long as possible. Old belief is hard to let go until all angles are considered – but once a new truth is accepted, there will be strong commitment. Take time to find your truth.

Conclusion: Outer Planet Transits of Aquarius
Uranus transited over Aquarius between 1995 – 2003. Neptune’s transit over Aquarius has begun in 1997, and will continue through January 2012. During the last 15 years the world has firmly transitioned into the internet age, which enabled global collaborations on creative or humanitarian projects.

If your natal chart has a strong Aquarian component, chances are that you’re in tune with this trend toward globalization and humanitarianism. Depending on your situation, this may represent a necessity for a change of perspective, or an opportunity to start making a unique contribution to the world.

Do you have a planet or two in Aquarius? How did the transit of Uranus and Neptune shift your perspective? How have you begun contributing to others in your own way?

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