Analysis of Intensified Mercury by Noel Tyl

Noel Tyl talks about natal Mercury aspected by Jupiter, Uranus, or the Moon. As usual, his questions and insights are intriguing and thought provoking (here is the original link, active as of Dec 2007):

  • Moon-Mercury frequently produces a “talker”, who needs to talk in order to discharge emotional tension. Similar things could be expected of Jupiter-Mercury and Uranus-Mercury.
  • When Mercury is intensified through connection with Uranus, this may lead to excessive communication, a “talking (or writing) that doesn’t stop.”
  • The key question Tyl asks is, is hyper-communication a way for the person to avoid uncomfortable feelings? The person may be complicating things unnecessarily so as not to face the real emotions underneath.
  • Usually such behavior is disempowering, as it leaves emotions out of relationships.
  • The remedial factors: adding more focus on warm, caring communication, paying attention to people’s (and one’s own) emotions. Perhaps trying to speak less but adding more substance and impact.

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  1. interesting– I guess my Mercury is ‘intensified’; as well as it being my chart ruler (Virgo Asc) it is conjunct Uranus, opp Moon, sextile Jupiter, trine Saturn…I do over-think things and struggle with emotions generally although I have assumed having no water planets doesn’t help. Communication in relationships is essential but not something I find easy as find it hard to ‘rock the boat’ (Merc in Libra) until things get to crisis point. Thanks for your excellent blog.

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