Mercury Uranus Aspect: Innovative Ideas

Mercury conjunct square opposite Uranus

This article is especially relevant if you have a natal Mercury Uranus aspect, or are experiencing transit Uranus conjunct, square or opposition Mercury.


mercury uranus aspect


Mercury rules ideas, communication and information.  Mercury isn’t necessarily “the way you think and talk”, but its position and aspect in your natal chart suggests how you need to think and communicate in order to be effective.

Aspects to Mercury can modify what your mind needs in order to feel confident (e.g. Saturn aspecting Mercury suggests a need for practical, structured thought).  No planet is inherently negative or positive, so it helps to explore both possibilities when looking at your Mercury aspect.

uranus mercury aspect


Uranus rules technology, revolution and humanitarian movement.  Uranus is a symbol of future unfolding in front of us.

Uranus disrupts the stagnant status quo by encouraging progress.  When your planet is touched by Uranus, it tends to become highly active (‘electrified’) within your psyche.

What happens when Mercury and Uranus meet?



Mercury is naturally curious and enjoys new information, but Uranus brings its tendency to a new level.  Uranus conjunct, square or opposite Mercury fires up the mind’s drive for learning and discovering novel ideas.

At the positive end of the spectrum, Mercury Uranus aspect can suggest that you have the mind of an inspired scientist that loves experimenting with new ideas and come up with new ways of doing things.

The tendency to experiment with new ideas can be applied to any field.  Here are some examples:

  • Martha Graham, an “American modern dancer and choreographer whose influence to dance was compared to that of Picasso on visual arts and Stravinsky on music (Wikipedia)” had her Mercury opposite Uranus.
  • Jimi Hendrix, one of the most original and influential instrumentalists in the history of rock music, had Mercury Uranus opposition.  On a similar vein, Curt Cobain also had Mercury opposite Uranus.
  • Actor Leonard Nimoy, who ‘invented’ the character Spock in the original Star Trek series had Mercury conjunct Uranus.
  • Writer Franz Kafka had Mercury square Uranus.
  • Mathematician John Nash (featured in the movie Beautiful Mind) had Mercury square Uranus.

You can see that these people made unique contributions to their fields using their ‘out of the box’ thinking.

Going back to “how” you need to think, Uranus Mercury aspect would suggest that you need to keep experimenting with new ideas in order to fully express your potential.


On a more ‘normal’ level, Mercury Uranus aspect may indicate a mind which constantly hungers for new information.  In this case, your mind races very fast to consume information, but you may not direct it toward any specific goal like the people in above examples.

Even without having a major goal, Mercury Uranus people may exhibit their talent through quickness of thoughts and ability to learn new things fast.  When grounded with patience and experience, such intelligence can be used to help others ‘catch up’ in assimilating new information.


To have a hard Mercury Uranus aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition) is like being a driver of the fastest car in the world: Increased speed comes with danger.

Instead of being directed to find innovative solutions, your powerful mind may intensify the negative thought patterns you’ve collected in the past.

This means that if your mental pattern is to worry, then you worry harder than 20 people combined.  If your pattern is criticize or resent others, then this tendency can become out of control within your mind, until these thoughts turn into destructive words and hurt relationships.

If you suspect that there are such negative mental patterns operating within you, then some perspective is needed so you can observe your mind when it goes overdrive on these negative programming.


A practice such as meditation might be helpful in honing your skills for such observation.  The aim is to eventually reprogram your mind so that its horsepower can be directed toward productive goals.

Affirmations can also prove effective in retraining your mind to think positive thoughts of self-acceptance, rather than the old criticisms you may have received in the past.  For instance, Louise Hay recommends that you mentally repeat “I approve of myself” throughout the day if you have issues with self-criticism or self-confidence.




When transit Uranus forms a conjunction, square or opposition with your Mercury, your mental activity is intensified.  This may suggest that you are about to tackle a huge project that requires a lot of mental energy.

Would this be a useful transit if you’re about to take on a challenging course of study?  You bet.  What if you’re about to launch a major campaign for your career or your business?  You definitely could use the intense mental focus of this transit to pull it off.

EXAMPLE: John F Kennedy had transiting Uranus conjunct Mercury during the year of his presidential campaign.  His charismatic communication was instrumental in his winning the election.


Uranus breaks with the traditional status quo, and you may channel some of that energy during transit Uranus Mercury period.  During this transit, your unconventional words and ideas might electrify and inspire some people, while shocking others.

EXAMPLE: Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) electrified the media world when she debuted her new, female name and image on June 2015.  Transit Uranus was exactly on her Mercury.  Her unconventional announcement was met with huge social media success.


In theory, Uranus Mercury transit would activate the houses ruled by Mercury, suggesting a great deal of mental activity in the areas those houses represent.

In practice, most likely such intensified mental energy will be directed to fulfill your main life goals or needs at that moment in your life (which may involve your Moon.)  If you don’t have any particular goals, then the energy might be directed toward hobbies, entertainment or social activities.


Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself during a Uranus Mercury transit:

  • Where do I feel stagnant and in need of a fresh idea?
  • What patterns in my life am I fed up with that I keep repeating over and over?
  • What thought patterns keep me trapped?
  • What are some new thought patterns that I’m willing to experiment with?
  • What area of my life am I willing to change, through seeking out new ideas?
  • Who is most likely to give me the fresh ideas that I need?
  • If I open myself to a new idea in that part of my life, what could be the result?


Do you have a natal Mercury Uranus aspect?  Or are you going through a transit Uranus conjunct, square or opposite your Mercury?  How is that reflected in the way you think and communicate?  Feel free to share your experience and insights in the comment section.

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